A lawyer accuses Harper to use his client in an advertisement

allan-schoenborn-photo-grcThe lawyer of a man found not criminally responsible for killing his three children claims that Stephen Harper improperly used his client to praise the merits of his government in the fight on crime.

Me Rishi Gill, representing Allan Schoenborn, expressed its concerns to the Supreme Court of British Columbia on Tuesday. He contested in court the new provision of the Criminal Code, adopted by the Conservatives, which would allow the Crown to demand that his client, who suffers from mental illness, is locked indefinitely while he was found not criminally responsible for three murders.

Mr. Gill was surprised to hear on the radio, last week, an election advertisement in which the Conservative leader calls his criminal client. Harper argues that public safety is the main concern of his party, but mental health experts believe that psychiatric treatments are more appropriate than incarceration in such cases.

Appearing briefly Tuesday in court to set a hearing date, counsel Allan Schoenborn argued that the fact that the Conservative leader has commented on his client’s case demonstrates the particular importance of this case.

Allan Schoenborn was interned in a psychiatric hospital for care after killing his 10 year old girl and her eight boys and five years in April 2008, in the family home of Merritt.

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