A legal framework imposed Renald Cote

-renald-coteA legal framework has been imposed on Magog Renald Cote.

One who has been dubbed the Monster of Magog signed an undertaking under Article 810.1 of the Criminal Code in order to minimize contact with minors over the next eighteen months.

“It is a commitment that is still rare. My client was leaving with three strikes before starting the hearing because of his criminal record in sexual matters. His chances were pretty slim, so he decided to accept the risks and sign this preventive engagement. He did not repeat the debate of the past, “said the defense lawyer Michel Dussault.

Cote was convicted of sexual assault on his daughter Isabella over 17 years and was sentenced to 14 years in prison in 2003. Since his release from prison in March 2014 for cruel gestures towards his daughter he always denied, Cote was not subject to any condition.

If he was back in court is that the Crown had reason to fear that he will commit a sexual offense against a child under 16 years.

“For the prosecution, the facts that have been brought to our attention were of concern.”

On 7 January Renald Cote offered sweets to a child of 9 years outside his home in Stanley Street in Magog. He invited the child to ride with him to deliver it. This incident was reported to police Magog who conducted the arrest Side.

“For the prosecution, the facts that were before us were worrying. Our interest is to defend society and that minors are protected from sexual crimes. It is in this context that we brought this denunciation. This is an information that is preventive. We have shown reasonable and probable grounds to believe that a person would experience a sexual offense and it is minor, “says the prosecutor to criminal prosecution, Mr. Joanny St. Peter.

The man of 64 years was signed for release conditions in February.
Claire Desgens before the judge of the Quebec Court Monday courthouse in Sherbrooke, Côté said yes to each of the conditions imposed on him. The judge insisted that side is aware of what he promised.

Renald Cote can not be alone with children under 16 years. He can not attend places such as parks, public areas, playgrounds or daycare centers where there might be children under 16 years old and be there within less than 25 meters. Since it remains within fifteen meters of a family day care, the condition was modulated at 15 meters so he can remain at home.

He will also be prohibited from seeking or taking a volunteer or paid work which would place it in relationship of trust vis-a-vis a person under 16 years. He can not get in touch with the people who made the complaint against him.

“If he does not respect these conditions, it is liable to be accused of breaking. If it does not meet these conditions, we invite people to denounce, “said Mr. St. Pierre.

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