A letter signed by 75 lawyers in support of the Quebec Batonniere

batonniere-quebec-lu-chan-khuongSuspended from his duties as Batonniere, Lu Chan Khuong has received the support of 75 lawyers who ask the Society to investigate the process that led to the disclosure of diversion a police complaint for shoplifting at its respect.

“Lawyers will they become more cautious before suggesting to their clients to accept the diversion? How many of those who are on this list are worried today? “It said in a letter published today in La Presse + Debates section .

Among the signatories are found including the founder of the Clinic Juripop, Mr. Marc-Antoine Cloutier, and lawyers for Ms. Véronique Robert defense and Ms. Debora De Thomasis.

According to the spokesman of the group, Mr. Jimmy Troeung, lawyers who support Mr. Khuong publicly today come from all areas of practice. Their reunion was born, he said, spontaneously as a result of comments on social networks.

“We were more to be outraged at the same time the situation, it has created a snowball effect,” says Mr. Troeung.

In its Wednesday issue, La Presse + revealed that the new Bâtonnier of Quebec, Mr. Lu Chan Khuong, was the subject of a police complaint for shoplifting at Simons in April 2014 and had seen his file be treaty in June 2014 in the non-prosecution program of certain criminal offenses committed by adults.


Following revelations about the non-litigious case of Mr. Khuong and some of his comments on the justice system in the Press +, the Board of Directors of the Quebec Bar, the professional association of 25,000 lawyers in the province , asked unanimously to resign and was subsequently suspended.

“Rather than put integrity into question Bâtonnière Quebec, the Barreau du CA should instead ask the trustee in order to investigate the process that led to the disclosure of such information,” it said in the missive.

“The protection of this privacy makes sense. The unveiling of this information confidential thwarts the very purpose of the measure. The person in question is not subject to prosecution leading to a trial, but must bear the consequences on its reputation of these allegations, unable to defend themselves, “continues the letter.

Mr. Khuong categorically denied having committed theft and pleads inattention. She said she would challenge her suspension, she calls “unreasonable” in court.

Mr. Khuong, a lawyer Lawyers in Bellemare in Quebec City and the joint of the former justice minister Marc Bellemare, was elected with 63% of the vote last month before Mr. Luc Deshaies, a lawyer at Gowlings in Montreal .

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