A long prison sentence awaits Simon Fortier

exception-rares-casA long sentence of detention in a penitentiary than six years but could reach 15 years, expects Simon Fortier guilty of numerous counts of computer luring a child orientated.

The former physical education teacher Sherbrooke admitted 113 charges of computer luring, incitement to sexual touching, extortion, production, distribution and possession of child pornography.

The defense lawyer Jean-Guillaume Blanchette considers that a six-year sentence must be imposed on Simon Fortier, while the prosecutor to criminal prosecution Me Joanny St. Peter argues for an exemplary sentence of 15 years.

“It is a cause of exception. One of the few cases in Quebec, if not the only one where we saw so many victims in a similar case. That’s more than 100 victims I ask you to make sentence (…) The victims’ relatives have told the court to try to impose a sentence that will try to prevent others from committing this type of offense . A penalty to prevent other families from living their experiences, “argued Mr. St. Pierre stating that 64 victims were identified, and 44 other victims were discovered in Simon Fortier computer and n have not been identified.

The prosecution summarized the manipulation strategies used by Fortier from the modeling agency, play-result-truth, the promise of gifts or show tickets, the knowledge that Fortier were schools of the victims, the decrease esteem of young girls, confrontation, provocation like “you’re not game to do,” or the notion of secret or emergency.

Mr. St. Pierre told the court that the priority of the public prosecutor is the same as the rest of society, is that “Simon Fortier never and never again do a victim.”

The prosecution said that the notions of manipulation and seduction were constantly used through the characters created by Simon Fortier to lure victims into his clutches.

She added that Fortier crimes “have brought in victims deep shame, guilt and embarrassment.”

“I ask you for that penalty to take the shame that victims feel on their shoulders and that is not theirs and to give it to Simon Fortier,” asked me Joanny St. Peter tribunal emphasized the concepts of predation , voyeurism and child pornography consultation for many years among the accused.

Far from being a sweet sorrow

Jean-Guillaume Blanchette argued in court that the sentence of six years suggests that it was far from being a sweet sorrow.

“The process vengeance has no place in the sentencing. A sentence that is fair, proportionate and individualized Simon Fortier should be imposed. It is not a crime that is sentencié, but this is an individual that one sentence. No sentence will remove the grief of the victims, “argued the defense lawyer Jean-Guillaume Blanchette, who asks the court to subtract remand equivalent to more than 25 months in prison.

The defense said that Simon Fortier recognizes the harm caused to victims several times over a time period of several months. Mr. Blanchette said that Fortier had denounced certain crimes, has invested in therapy at his own expense, made a confession, showed compassion for the victims and collaborated with the police investigation.

“We must take into account the many guilty pleas that avoided a trial and the testimony of the victims. Obviously this creates damage in victims people. Since they are crimes against children, the goals of deterrence and denunciation must be kept into account, “said Mr. Blanchette.

The Érick Vanchestein judge of the Quebec Court took the case under advisement and will rule the next 29 June.

“I apologize from the bottom of my heart”

Simon Fortier held to publicly address his apology to the many victims of his sordid crimes.

In a letter he read in court before the judge Erick Vanchestein of the Court of Quebec to take its case under advisement the aim of imposing his sentence, the accused was apologetic.

“I apologize from the bottom of my heart. I stole some of their childhood, their innocence, their naivety. I also planted love and disappointments sentences in young girls. I abused them, the situation “confesses Fortier.

He mentions that he can never forgive the gestures he calls scams, manipulations and lies.

“I hurt more children, their families, their loved ones (…) I definitely want to thank the vigilance of parents who have complained against me and have allowed me to be arrested. You people who denounced me, have allowed me to stop these crimes, I stop doing harm children. You have allowed me to take me in hand, I began my healing, “says Fortier.

He mentions that behind the screen he was “controlling, violent, nasty and voyeur.”

“I sincerely hope that victims find the courage to speak, found an ear to listen, to recognize their pain. It is important that they not be ashamed and do not feel guilty about what they did on camera. I was the adult, the manipulator, the abuser. They are children, the innocent victims of my crime. I am solely responsible, “assures the individual of 32 years that says be aware of the disastrous consequences that some victims were to self-harm, to be hospitalized in child psychiatry, not to trust adults who isolate themselves or have experienced a loss of esteem for themselves.

“I have committed the irreparable. Some pieces of broken life that I will never be able pick (…) For children who have been victims of my crimes, their families and all the people I disappointed from my heart I apologize “repeats Fortier in his four-page letter.

Simon Fortier also wished to apologize to the members of his family, his relatives, his former wife and his former colleagues.

“I have also tarnished the teaching profession, occupation that held so important to me. Who can we trust our teacher if we maybe took for a model blames Internet child? He commits acts as disgusting, “Simon Fortier wonders talking gestures for which it will be sentenced to the penitentiary.

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