A man adrift on ice

homme-ete-prisA man was rescued Tuesday afternoon in the area of ​​Anse-a-Benjamin, in La Baie, after remaining trapped on the ice, which broke away.

The emergency call was received at 14:43 and less than 30 minutes later, firefighters had released the individual from his awkward position.

Two firefighters with training for this kind of operation Fortuna used a boat to rescue the man.

According to information gathered on the spot, the individual would not have been seriously injured.

“When the first firefighters arrived, they quickly made eye on the person in difficulty, said the chief of operations of the Saguenay Fire Department, Francis Desjardins.

Mr. Desjardins added that because of the distance and ice near the landing stages, the use of Zodiak was not possible. “The person has not fallen into the water, but she had cold feet and chest because it was probably some time she was there. The operation went very well. ”

Mr. Desjardins could not confirm the exact reasons for the incident since the individual was already drifting when help arrived, but indicated that the fragility of the ice was the most likely cause.

A total of 10 firefighters were dispatched to the scene.

“When we arrived, the individual was more than 200 feet from shore. So it was a required rescue. There was other options, “said Francis Desjardins.

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