A man arrested for the violent death of a baby

baby(SHERBROOKE) The Surete du Quebec conducted on Tuesday evening the arrest of a man of 27 years following the violent death of a child of 20 months.

The death of the toddler was found on arrival at the CHUS September 26 last verse 8:45.

Serious charges could be laid Wednesday at the courthouse of Sherbrooke against the suspect.

For now, the cause of death remains unknown.

“The child was transported by ambulance to hospital where he was pronounced dead. An investigation was opened to clarify the causes and circumstances of death. We have arrested an individual in connection with this case, “said the spokesman for the SQ Sergeant Eloise Cossette.

The Sherbrooke Police Department has transferred the investigation to the SQ in this case.

“The SQ was mandated because of the level of service. Specialized investigators with special skills are needed when it comes to children under six years, “says Sgt Cossette.

An autopsy must be performed Tuesday in Montreal to establish the causes and circumstances of the death of this child of 20 months at his home in the east of Sherbrooke.

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