A man arrested in London for threats against the Wilfrid Laurier University

campus-universite-fait-objet-mesuresLondon police arrested a man in connection with threats made against the Wilfrid Laurier University, Ontario, Friday.

Police said that a man of 22 years was held in the British capital police station for suspicion of “malicious communications”.

The police force said it was continuing its joint investigation with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the National Cybercrime Unit of the United Kingdom (the National Cyber ​​Crime Unit).

The authorities of Waterloo, where is located the university, compared to those threats were uttered earlier this month before a shootout in a facility in Oregon, who had ten dead, including the gunman.

The university campus had been subject to containment measures, at 6 am Friday morning; students and employees were warned to stay at home. The management of the university said it had been informed by the federal US Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The university finally reopened around 11 am 30.

According to police, the threatening message was published on “4chan” website. A screenshot circulating on social networks shows the anonymous message that advises students to stay away from the university science department

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