A man wanted to imitate the film Up at the Calgary Stampede

scene-up-2009-produit-studiosCalgary Police filed a misdemeanor charge against a man who flew over the Stampede site in its “balloon” made – a lawn chair hoisted by a bouquet of a hundred small balloons filled with helium.

The man was seen by witnesses floating above the field of the sporting event on Sunday, sitting in a lawn chair lifted by a bouquet of balloons similar to those that hold vendors in amusement parks – or reminiscent of the animated Pixar film Up. He told police he wanted to achieve a publicity stunt for his company.

Daniel Boria, 26, of Calgary, is facing at the moment a charge of “mischief that causes actual danger to the lives of people.” But according to Inspector Grant Kyle, other charges may be laid against the amateur balloonist.

“He sat in the lawn chair and took off over Calgary,” he told Monday Inspector Grant, who had never seen anything like it. “From what I know, its traditional camera does not really behaving rudder, and is mounted so high – up cloud height – he became afraid, so he decided to jump” in parachute.

Boria received minor injuries when landing in the grass of a vacant lot. Paramedics examined him and he was arrested and eventually charged with mischief, before being released pending a hearing.

According to Inspector Grant, the incident did no injuries – for now. Because the “balloon” was still abandoned in heaven and it is believed that at a certain altitude, the balloon will burst and will drop the lawn chair, said the policeman.

The authorities had received no reports Monday reports of the crash to the ground with a lawn chair, or a person injured by a fallen object in the sky.

“I do not think (Boria) had thought of that,” said Inspector Grant, who lived worried.

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