A march of all colors

1168389The March 2016 did see all the colors in the Eastern Townships, so the weather conditions were different.

We note that the third month of the year stood out with large amplitude temperature fluctuations, heavy rain and snow far less than elsewhere in Quebec.

If the month began with cold weather, Mercury offered the generally mild weather thereafter, noted André Cantin, a meteorologist with Environment Canada.

He averaged 1.2 degrees less during the month, he said. That’s 2.6 degrees higher than the normal average for the month of March in the Eastern Townships.

The scenario was perfect for the season of maple syrup, as reported in La Tribune on Monday morning. “The conditions were good for the sugar season,” says Mr. Cantin.

“Several days during the month of March, there was the cold night and warm weather on the day.”

As regards the rain was received 46 millimeters of liquid precipitation, much more than the expected 32 millimeters normally in March home.

This obviously results in a deficit of snow on the ground for the region. We saw 26 centimeters of snow fall last month, while we have to shovel 47 centimeters.

Some mornings, getting up, we could see a thin layer of snow had appeared on the ground.

“The Estrie had no cold weather and heavy snow accumulations elsewhere in the province,” says the specialist.

“The region has had a taste of spring …”


But spring took a break this weekend. In the winter, even though her shift ended, decided to work overtime. It is rare to see such a long period of cold this time of year like the one we know, says Cantin.

“A period like the genre, you see it in 30 years, he said. That’s rare. ”

“The cold will last until Wednesday. Thursday, the temperature will be softer, but with rain. Elsewhere in Quebec, it will snow. The Laurentians could receive 15 to 20 centimeters of snow.

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