A Masters-saw!

-jordan-speithThe wind was blowing when we arrived, and when it was time to leave, he was always there. To this, it was necessary that the chilly weather comes to Augusta making it more critical situation. Only these two elements do not unfold sawtooth … the rest will have been!

The Masters Tournament brings together the elite of world golf! The guys are experienced! The slogan “These guys are good” it is true. But for all this to be the truth, guys must “present” on the ground. And that was not the case!

Nobody among 89 candidates was able to give the tournament a certain tempo, as it usually happens. When a player had a nice sequence, the sky was falling on his head.

The thousands of golf fans who flocked to the Augusta National course remained on their appetite too long. “Nothing happens, that brings Tiger,” I suggested a golf fan, leaving the course, disappointed …

How many times did we repeated over the years, the Masters tournament is played on Sunday afternoon on the back nine! Yes, it is true, but before reaching the home stretch … there was a bit of action! But not this time …

He who moderated the more this tournament, it was Jordan Speith, leader in the late rounds 1,2 and 3, but he too had dark times and his game sawtooth cost him a second green jacket.

Jordan Speith opened the door wide at the wrong time. Long ago a golfer was not as generous as Speith the Masters. He played with fire three times, and the last was eventually fatal to him … is severely burning.

Speith had a five-stroke lead at the start of the 10th hole, the deal was in the bag for him. Fifteen minutes later, Speith leaves the 12th green at least one result of two bullets to water, sand and 7 to score. The leader he found himself three shots of the green jacket.

Amen Corner has a new victim and the young golfer of 22 years, may keep a bad memory. Losing a comfortable cushion at the Masters, it does not forget quickly … especially as a recent report has enabled us to know he was still fresh in the memory his absence in overtime the last British Open at St. Andrews.

The Englishman Danny Willett did not steal the green jacket, putting in a 67 in the final round, five par.

The German Bernhard Langer will also remember the Masters, 80th edition, although the last round was not as strong as Saturday.

Finally, Tom Watson bows at the Masters, the public saluting the last Friday in a beautiful way!

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