A member of the NDP dismissed Laval

jose-nunez-melo-soutient-avoirA member of the New Democratic Party (NDP) has been ruled out of the race in the new riding of Laval Vimy Wednesday night after he publicly criticized the holding of a nomination he considered contrary to the rules of the party. Jose Nunez-Melo claims to have been the victim of a maneuver of the party leadership to dislodge from his post.

“He wanted me to pack any price,” lamented the incumbent in a telephone interview with The Gazette. Jose Nunez-Melo had just learned email, so “somewhat cavalier and very informal,” that his candidacy for the nomination was invalidated by the Campaign Director Anne McGrath NDP.

The candidate set fire to the powder by publishing a statement Wednesday afternoon when he railed against the imposition of a nomination by the party. It would have been in “the normal order of things” that it is the official candidate, according to the rules “clear” of the party, he wrote.

It also formally opposed to the use of electronic voting, a measure normally provided for rural and remote districts. Jose Nunez-Melo also stated that his name had been “dragged through the mud” and that he had cynically “criticized inactivity” of the party riding association.

A poorly received output

The public release of Mr. Nunez-Melo has not been well received by the party, since to 21 pm, the director of the Anne McGrath campaign announced by email that he was expelled from the race.

“The NDP has a policy of open nominations across the country. Candidates who enter the process undertake to accept and respect these rules. By his words, José Nunez-Melo says he rejects the process in which it has committed itself. For this reason we are obliged to withdraw the approval of his candidacy. ”

In February, La Presse revealed that the NDP had helped recruit an opponent, Jacinthe Gagnon, to defeat Mr. Nunez-Melo at the inauguration. His work was so unsatisfactory to the party leadership. “I’ve never been confronted directly. It’s dirty laundry washing we might have to settle calmly inside, “he lamented.

It intends to consult his lawyers before making a decision on what happens next, but he claims not to have joined the NDP to “fight with crooked people doing anything.” However, he told La Presse that he had no plans to run as an independent candidate.

This leaves only two candidates for the NDP nomination in Vimy, scheduled August 15 or Jacinthe Gagnon, the former president of the women’s committee of the NDP and the lawyer France Duhamel.

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