A Montreal doctor struck again

ne-veux-plus-rien-savoirDespite being in the crosshairs of the College of Physicians since 2009 because of its “lack of competence” Dr. Nelson Ubani continued – despite several warnings – to practice family medicine in his practice area Cote-des-Neiges.

Dr Ubani, who had already been struck off for a period of two years, from 2011 to 2013, was recently imposing a new temporary striking six months.

For his part, the doctor of 77 years accused his professional being “racist”.

To continue practicing, Dr Ubani is “ready to violate all the rules, thus endangering the public to whom it provides care,” the Chairman of the Disciplinary Board of the College of Physicians, François D. Samson in its written decision made public on 22 June.

“Patients are absolutely not able to assess the skills of it and confide in him at a time when they often are vulnerable,” says Mr. Samson.

Commitment not met

The Disciplinary Board states that Dr Ubani had “very little credibility” in his eyes.

“The evidence revealed that he was warned several times and that its obligations were recalled him without it gives tangible results and that, on many occasions since 2009, said the Chairman of the Disciplinary Board . Despite these interventions, the respondent [Dr. Ubani] continued to provide care to many patients as he had neither the skills nor the right to do so in family medicine. ”

In 2009, Dr Ubani had pledged to limit his practice to minor procedures (his field of expertise) and not prescribe medication. But it has not fulfilled its commitment and has still continued to treat patients in his office and prescribe antibiotics them in what had all the appearances of a walk-in clinic, found the council discipline.

The doctor was also committed to a family medicine internship before resuming his office practice. Now, two years later, despite warnings from the College of Physicians, Dr Ubani had still not articled and continued to see patients (523 patients from June 2011 to November 2011).

Thus it imposed a temporary striking first two years, he has challenged, but was upheld by the Court of professions.

In 2013, the doctor got the right to practice again, but under certain conditions. In January 2014, five years after pledging to do so, he finally undertook an internship in family medicine, which he failed.

Then, in January, the doctor did not attend the hearing of the Disciplinary Board, but he acknowledged, through his lawyer, contravening its professional code of ethics. Dr Ubani has thus been subject to this new write-off of six months. He will not have the right to practice non-hospital.

“I do not want to know about the practice of family medicine, said Dr Ubani interview with The Gazette. I did this to help former patients who were not doctors. All I want is to keep practicing minor operations. ”

Discrimination charge

The doctor of 77 years accused the Disciplinary Board of the College of physicians to discriminate against him because he is black. “There are doctors who killed their patients by a medical error and have had less severe radiation. I did not kill anyone, “he has told La Presse.

The College of Physicians of Quebec will not comment on allegations of discrimination Dr Ubani, told us his communications coordinator, Caroline Langis. When the provisional striking ends, Dr Ubani will not return “automatically” his right to practice, says Ms. Langis. The doctor must comply with all conditions imposed by the Disciplinary Board, including that of not practicing non-hospital, where it can be supervised, said the spokesman of the College of Physicians.

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