Quebec: a motorcyclist died in a collision with a police car

images-collision-montrent-moto-clairement(Quebec) A motorcyclist Drummondville died shortly before 23h Thursday after colliding with a car in the Quebec City police the Laurentian Autoroute (Highway 73) in Charlesbourg, at the height of the George Muir Street.

As is the case in all deaths during a police intervention, an independent investigation was initiated by the Ministry of Public Security and assigned to another police force, in this case the Sûreté du Québec.

Constable Ann Mathieu, spokesperson for the SQ indicates that the collision occurred in a work zone and because of the way in which the impact occurred, it could be that the cruiser has wanted to make a U-turn maneuver.

The images of the collision also show that motorcycle, who was driving southbound according SQ, clearly stamped doors on the passenger side of the police car.

The death of the victim, a man in his thirties native of Drummondville, was found in the hospital. The two officers were taking place in the police car were also taken to hospital for minor injuries.

The unity of crimes against the person of the SQ, which is leading the investigation, will meet the two officers involved as soon as their condition allows. It was not known at the time of this writing, if they responded to a call at the time of the collision.


The entire team of specialists in reconstruction of the SQ was on site for much of the night in order to free the road in time for the morning rush hour. The two northbound lanes were closed for several hours, traffic being diverted to one of the southbound lanes.

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