A motorcyclist pinched more than 200 km / h in Lotbinière

police1569(Quebec) A motorcyclist was caught driving at more than 200 km / h on Highway 218 in Saint-Gilles de Lotbinière Friday while traveling in an area where the speed limit is 70 km / h. He received a fine of $ 2,151 and received 36 demerit points.

The interception was carried by patrol of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) to 17h uneopération under surveillance by speed cameras (radar). “They captured the individual to more than 200 in an area of ​​70,” confirmed Ann Mathieu, spokesperson for the SQ.

Authorities said the 45-year-old from the Beauce would not have tried to escape the police and is stored without fuss. The officers then handed him a copy fined $ 2151 and informed that 36 demerit points were registered in his driving record.

His driver’s license was seized for a period of 30 days. His motorcycle racer types – sport bike – was towed.

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