A neurosurgeon of the Child Jesus sued for $ 7.8 million

plaignante-allegue-jour-sa-biopsie(Quebec) Quebec A woman woke up paralyzed, almost mute and with vision problems after brain surgery she would not have allowed and what went wrong. It alleges that, on the day of biopsy, the surgeon would have proceeded without notice to the extraction of 70% of the non-cancerous tumor, although radiotherapy treatment had been agreed.

Louise (fictitious name) * and her family continued Dr. Claude Picard, practicing neurosurgeon at the Hospital of the Child Jesus, for an amount of $ 7.8 million. An application was officially filed in the Superior Court of Québec courthouse on August 5.

We learn that Louise knew Dr. Picard, 22 October 2012, she was suffering from a brain tumor and a biopsy exploratory surgery would be necessary to determine if it is malignant or benign.

The mass, which would have been present for 15 to 20 years, had little chance of being cancerous, explained the specialist. It was reassuring to his patient by saying that the biopsy represents a “minor risk”.

Always before the biopsy, the doctor and Louise had agreed on the treatments to follow. “If it were discovered that the tumor was benign, it was agreed [with Dr. Picard] a non-surgical treatment or radiation therapy performed in Quebec.” Louise’s relatives, including her husband, were informed of this agreement.

The operation took place on 1 November 2012 and, as expected, it turned out that “although the mass was benign mass.” But for some reason that he has, Dr. Picard has not stopped at this, the prosecution alleges.

“Without any medical emergency, without the consent [and the same act] against the will of the patient, in ignorance of it, which is asleep,” and without informing the spouse – who was available doctor – “Dr. Picard proceeds unilaterally and without prior notice to invasive surgical excision [extraction] 70% of the mass,” recount the prosecutors.

Dr. Picard would be “gone against the treatment plan” and would have “operated without authorization.”

According to the motion filed in court, the neurosurgeon “offered no explanation, merely saying that” while we’re there, “he decided to remove as much material as possible, he had to” hang nerve “and he does not understand.”

Reached by Le Soleil yesterday, Dr. Picard did not comment and would not give his version of events. However, he said he would challenge “vigorously” pursuing which it is subject.

“Disastrous consequences”

As for Louise, “the consequences were disastrous, as personally know Dr. Picard […] all he has personal knowledge of the medical record [Louise],” continues lawyers.

Intubated and unconscious after the alleged malpractice, Louise has spent long periods on his hospital bed. When she finally woke up, she could not speak and immediately underwent a tracheostomy. The same day of the accident, it was impossible to know the extent of future sequelae.

The woman was hospitalized three more months and will then spend six months at the Rehabilitation Centre François-Charron.

After this “catastrophe”, Louise, who was 56 years old at the time, is not the same. This “woman professionally active [reporter] major and recognized in the legal community, proud, independent, elegant, mother, grandmother and devoted wife” is now “paralyzed, confined to a wheelchair, the deaf left side, disabled and dependent on those around him. ”

In particular, it had to learn to speak with his artificial vocal cords, his being paralyzed. Therefore, it is expressed weakly “and with great effort.” It can hardly see, can not read or write.

The Sun was able to briefly discuss with the complainant the phone yesterday. The latter did not want to talk publicly about the procedures it clicks.

For all the wrongs she asks a compensation of $ 7.35 million, while his spouse, his son and their wives, all at his side to help him every day, demanding $ 450,000.

* A fictitious name was used at the request of the complainant

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