A nominated chief of staff for the PLQ in Fabre

plq(Quebec) A government chief of staff Couillard, Josée Guillemette, is becoming the candidate of the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) in Fabre, La Presse has learned.

The four elections, made necessary by the resignation of MPs would be triggered shortly after the federal election on October 19. The vote would take place in late November, potentially 30, according to one scenario being considered by government.

Josée Guillemette is a liberal activist of long standing and joint Pietro Perrino, a member of the inner circle of Philippe Couillard. Shortly after taking office, the Prime Minister appointed Mr. Perrino Associate Secretary General to the Executive Council. He was advisor to Robert Bourassa and Daniel Johnson in Quebec City, and Paul Martin in Ottawa. The couple’s son-Guillemette Perrino, Nicolas Perrino is the chairman of the Youth Commission of the PLQ.

Josée Guillemette has roots in the Liberal stronghold of Fabre in Laval: she was tied Policy former MP and Minister Michelle Courchesne in his constituency office. She also worked for some time with Gilles Ouimet, who resigned this summer as the Member for Fabre.

Josée Guillemette is currently Chief of Staff of the Minister responsible for Native Affairs, Geoffrey Kelley. She previously held the same position with the holder of Immigration, Kathleen Weil.

The Liberal Association Fabre has given his support to Ms. Guillemette to wear the colors of the party to the election, proof that his candidacy is somewhat tied. The party headquarters has normally had to give his blessing to that one crosses this step.

The entourage of Philippe Couillard would neither confirm nor deny the information, from multiple sources. He had not done more last week when the name of Dominique Anglade, former president of the Coalition future Quebec had circulated as Liberal candidate in Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne, which eventually proved.

Four elections

Philippe Couillard should trigger four by-elections following the departure of Liberal Gilles Ouimet (Fabre), Marguerite Blais (Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne) and Robert Dutil (Beauce-Sud), as the PQ Marjolain Dufour (René Lévesque).

The Prime Minister would trigger elections after the October 19 federal election. He tried to make coincide with the end of the parliamentary session, which ends Friday, December 4th. The elections could be held on Monday 30 November, but the decision has not been taken yet.

Liberal strategists remember that the recipe was winning last spring: the by-elections were held on June 8, four days before the end of the parliamentary session. Liberal victories in Jean-Talon, but especially in Chauveau, at the expense of the CAQ, allowed him to close the work of the National Assembly on a good note.

As it expects to retain its three now vacant ridings the PLQ provides that partial to come could give it a breath of fresh air at the end of session. One factor not to be overlooked, especially if the political climate is deteriorating by then.

For his part, the Chief Electoral warms his machine to be ready in the event of elections on 23, November 30 and December 7. The latter date is less likely: Mr. Couillard will attend the Paris conference on climate December 6 to 9.

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