A nurse offers free prenatal classes on the web

1163129Nurse Marie Fortier Sherbrooke, which offered two years and a half prenatal classes on the web, take the free turn this month on MarieFortier.com.

The launch took place just a few days and was also circulated to the Maison du Quebec in Paris. Thus, the nurse with 28 years of experience perinatal still carries a little more his dream to share its expertise with the greatest number of families of the Francophonie, she enthuses.

MarieFortier.com the platform has more than 17 hours of exclusive content in the form of thematic videos, validated by the Ministry of Health and Social Services. Marie Fortier is surrounded by 35 experts to circle the questions that may arise future parents from early pregnancy through childbirth and breastfeeding.

The company Marie Fortier is incubating within the business accelerator space-INC in Sherbrooke since 2014. She has also been hired in fall 2015 to Impact8, Quebec’s first cohort of Toronto’s MaRS Centre for investment impact, which aims to accelerate the development of businesses in social or environmental impact.

The combination of Marie Fortier with partners working in areas related to the world of babies, either the multinational Nestlé and the pharmaceutical company Duchesnay also allows him to go the route of free.

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