A patient would have to pay $ 530 for a copy of his medical file

hospitalThe Hospital of the Infant Jesus of Quebec refuses to hand over a copy of a health record in one of his patients without a payment of $ 529.20, according to a court decision that ruled in the establishment .

The record – which includes 1,450 pages – was the subject of a long confrontation between the woman and the hospital. Since 2013, it refused to pay to get a copy, while the Child Jesus does not agree to make an exception for her.

“The organization could claim the costs of [$ 529.20] the plaintiff,” ruled last month the Commission access to information of Quebec, claiming not to hold the “power to amend the decision by [the hospital] in the exercise of its discretion, since the law and the regulations allow it to charge. ”

Before the Commissioner Christine Contant, the Hospital of the Child Jesus pleaded that the patient could “see his medical records on site, after making an appointment with the Archives Service”. But if she would like a copy, it would pay $ 0.37 per page, less a deductible of $ 7.30, as provided by law.

As for the patient, “it indicates that the costs claimed by the body are too high,” recalls Contant Commissioner, adding that she wants to “get his health record and completely free.” “She further argues that the case belongs to the user, in this case itself, hence the reason why it refuses to pay the amount of $ 529.20 is claiming that the agency” may -on read in the judgment of the Commission.

Asked to comment on the record, a spokesman for the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Québec (CHUQ), which includes the Child Jesus, reiterated the institution’s position. “A hospital can not charge more, or charge less,” argued Geneviève Dupuis.

According to the decision, the latest update of the amount that will pay the woman if she still wants to get its entire medical record $ 556.95 reached, since it continues to grow. If she agrees to give up on the pre-1999 documents, “the number of pages contained in his medical record for this period is 1379 pages, bringing the cost of reproduction to $ 502.93.”

The identity of the patient is not revealed in the decision of the Commission on Access to Information, to protect his privacy. The press could not trace it.

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