A plan to improve adolescent health

11299691Almost 10% of young people complained of psychological suffering, anxiety or loneliness, while a similar proportion would experience a depressive episode between 16 and 25 years, according to figures put forward by the government. Things would not be better in college, where only 30% of students say they are satisfied with their school life.

“All these phenomena are rising worryingly,” acknowledged the President of the Republic, conceding that the discomfort displayed by young people in France was “higher” than in other OECD countries.

Free Psychological Consultations
The plan unveiled on 29 November includes a number of measures including facilitated access to psychologist consultations through a “Youth Health Pass”, created for a three-year experimental period. As of next year, it will allow young people aged 11 to 21 to benefit from free consultations with a psychologist, within the limit of 10 sessions. Up to 15 years of age, access to these consultations will be provided by parents, while for the elderly, access to care will be direct.

The plan is inspired by the recommendations of a report by the psychiatrist Rose-Marie Moro and the school inspector Jean-Louis Brison, handed over to the President of the Republic on 29 November. “The idea is to realize a universal right of access for young people to health,” says Moro, who recalls that adolescence is a “period of transition and great vulnerability”.

Foster cooperation between actors
Among the recommendations of the report is a “coordinated response” mobilizing all the actors involved (health workers, education, families …). This multidisciplinary cooperation was retained in the plan which foresees the signature of framework agreements such as the one signed on Tuesday between the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health to promote prevention and education for Health.

In future, professionals should be able to benefit from better initial and continuous training on these subjects. Young people will have access to reliable information thanks to the future Internet portal “sante.fr”, which will soon be the subject of an experimentation in Ile-de-France.

What about school medicine?
Watch cells will also be created in each college and in each high school, said François Hollande, who affirmed his attachment to school medicine, “an essential function”.

Last year, the SMMU-Unsa Education, the main trade union of the profession, denounced the fact that school doctors were fewer and fewer and were experiencing a situation of “abandonment”, which could lead to “their extinction “.

While the right-wing candidate in the 2017 presidential election, Francois Fillon, plans to eliminate 500,000 civil servant jobs, François Hollande again praised the public service when he spoke of “the creation of a single body Of psychologists of the national education “which will be effective at the beginning of 2017.” Having, in this period, civil servants who may be psychologists, school doctors, assistants or social workers, it is not a burden, It is an investment for the future, “he said.

Similarly, referring to “a serious inadequacy of doctors psycho-psychiatrists” and the attacks of 2015 in France, he underlined the role that these doctors could play “in the action we take against radicalization”. According to the Moro-Brison report, their numbers have fallen by almost half between 2007 and 2016.

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