A platform for all entrepreneurs

vice-president-affairesThe Government of Quebec and the accelerator creation of technology companies unite to give a helping hand to the basement of entrepreneurs and creative region by launching a new business start-line tool.

The website offers four Jesuisentrepreneur.ca tools to become entrepreneurs allowing them to move towards relevant partners, to establish a standardized business plan, to receive a list of tasks and also to connect with similar.

Opened after a phase of building a year and a half, the project of $ 150,000 was 60% financed by the Government of Quebec.

“It’s a very structuring gesture that arises here helping future entrepreneurs have access to tools that will tell them what they need to start businesses and what steps they have to do to reach their goal. There is a four tools that is very important and I know because I’ve been a young entrepreneur and I would love to benefit and this is the tool that allows us to put ourselves in network with other entrepreneurs, “says Luc Fortin MP.

Yes because the web platform also acts as a social network for entrepreneurs who can share and collaborate.

“As much at someone who has a patented, but that would not have the capacity to develop it or someone who wants, for example, have a park in Sherbrooke and that could make

the announcement to work with people from the platform, “says Dominick Cloutier, project manager at the CTEA and student LAC in marketing and finance.

The tool is available in the Eastern Townships, but expand across Quebec is envisaged.

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