A police cadet would have tried to kill his ex-girlfriend

vincent-langlois-laroche-visiblement-pas(Quebec) A young policeman aspirant who resented a breakup is on trial for attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend. The young nurse was attacked a few minutes after finishing her shift at the CHUL.

Vincent Langlois-Laroche, a young man of 25 years to look neat, is also accused of harassment, death threats, assault with a weapon and assault causing bodily harm.

One that has been his girlfriend for almost three years, Caroline Pagé, 23, was first told the judge Chantale Pelletier how the couple came to separate in January 2014.

The woman testified that she “felt only more love.” The arrogant attitude of the young man displeased her, she adds.

Vincent Langlois-Laroche persisted writing him emails and texting and sending her flowers and gifts for Valentine’s Day and her birthday.

Caroline finally agrees to see Vincent for ultimate explanation. They meet March 3 at Tim Hortons Donnacona.

According to the witness, the young man, very organized, comes in hand with an agenda of the points he wishes to address. He will take the opportunity, she says, to access their email account and your smartphone. “It has deleted all emails he had sent me and texting all of our conversations, said Caroline. He told me this way, I would not have any proof. ”

In cons-examination, the young woman could not say how her ex had access to the password of the phone.

Later, the young man told him that since the rupture, he hated so much he wanted to kill her.

Trade through emails and text messages continue throughout the following weeks, Vincent oscillating between excuses and worrying about. “He told me that if I gave him not a second chance, our paths were to recross” testified Carolina.

Aggression in the street

On the evening of June 8, Caroline Midnight his shift on the floor of the surgery CHUL. She leaves the hospital, staring at his phone.

Finished close to her car, she saw the corner of my eye a man standing in the street. The stranger rushes at her and struck him at least four strokes with an object, she said.

When it stops, Caroline, bloody face, her keys and bag offers in the hope it goes away. The man does not want it and said “embarks on self, we must speak.”

Caroline says it has at that time recognized the voice of her ex-boyfriend Vincent Langlois-Laroche.

She managed to get away and using a driver to get to the emergency. The nurse several wounds to the head which should be repaired with sutures.

The trial continues all week.

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