A property of 15 hectares protected in perpetuity

1165276A 15-hectare property located in East Bolton will be protected in perpetuity announce Conservation valleys of the Serpentine (CVS) and the ACA. This is the property of Réjean Labonville and Gertrude Leclerc.

This donation brings to 12,656 hectares the area of ​​protected areas on the action territory of ACA and 224 hectares in the CVS sector.

According to Labonville, during the years following the purchase of the property in 1982, “we have gradually discovered the wealth and ecologically important wetland that covers part of our land.”

“Thus was born our intention to protect and conserve this environment forever. This is our humble contribution in a collective effort to bequeath to future generations a clean and healthy environment, “he says.

Françoise Bricault, secretary-treasurer of CVS, for its part held to highlight the exceptional commitment of Mr. Labonville throughout the process. “This is really deeply involved in all stages. It is even part of the CVS board. ”

“The addition of this mainly forest ownership to a core that already has six other protected properties, including two top funds, helps to consolidate a major corridor in a strategic sector. Many large mammals such as deer, black bears, moose, beavers and coyotes were seen there. ”

Moreover, several streams crisscross the Leclerc-Labonville property and provide habitats for salamanders streams. Finally, the red trillium and viburnum moose antlers, typical Appalachian species have been recorded there.

For Martine Ruel, Acting Director General of ACA, it is a priceless ecological gift. “This gesture is especially important that the property is in a popular area in the heart of the Appalachians,” she said in a press release.

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