A Quebec company repeinturera the Jacques Cartier Bridge

quebec-construction-injection-edm(Quebec) The federal corporation that manages the Jacques Cartier Bridge in Montreal launches a new paint job site with the objective to tear her a beauty in the next decade. The first contract was won by a company in Quebec Construction Injection EDM, which attacks the rust for a fraction of the price of its competitors.

The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI), a Crown corporation within Infrastructure Canada, presented in late April its work planning for 2015. Because it is a very bad way, attention has mainly scope on the Champlain Bridge, but the Jacques Cartier Bridge also need care.

This year’s program, battery repair, pedestals and a portion of the apron as well as cleaning and painting steel elements of the work. Verification, about 8000 square meters structure must be retyped. “This is mainly the steel structure located above the Seaway St. Lawrence and some very localized parts of the steel section [span] Main” explains Anne-Marie we Poacher, Director JCCB communications.

Construction Injection EDM, general contractor of Quebec, does this work for $ 1,346,702, or an average of $ 168 per square meter. That is half as much as in the previous painting operation, which ran from 1989 to 2007. Work done in more complex sections were, however, included in this average old.

We must also say that the prices submitted by EDM during the tender held in the spring were particularly low. The other three deals were 50% to 300% higher.

At that rate, repaint the 492,386 m2 area of ​​Quebec Bridge would cost – the conditional is important here – about $ 100 million, including a contingency reserve. This is the equivalent of half the first bill estimated by CN, then increased from 300 to $ 400 million.

Both the spokesman JCCB that the big boss of EDM, Denis Lachance, warned us that the calculation is not so simple. This is also what Roche said in his recent assessment on behalf of CN.

The Jacques Cartier Bridge has family resemblance with that of Quebec (to it cantilever). Although also high, its central deck is however much shorter. The clearance with water is comparable. The Quebec Bridge has many more beams under the deck. In some cases, the heart of these beams is to repaint but difficult to reach.

Now paint surfaces Accessibility to have a direct influence on costs. The more we go up and down in the structure, the higher the bill increases, mainly because of the scaffolding, but also because of the climbing time for the workers.

The rust index is also important. In both cases, you have stripped sandblasted rusted parts and collect residues so they do not pollute the river and cover the metal with a coat of primer and two coats of paint.

If the areas of the Jacques Cartier Bridge subjected to the corrosive effects of de-icing salts are badly damaged, some parts are still in fairly good condition, 25 years after the last painting cycle. The kick-General confirms the eye.


EDM has worked on several major Quebec bridges in recent years. The company has repainted the Charles de Gaulle Bridge in Montreal and made several repairs to the deck of the Island of Orleans and the Quebec Bridge. “The issue of the Quebec Bridge is the scaffolding,” says its president.

Denis Lachance dare not advance a price for a complete painting of the old bridge. He said it would take several weeks or months for a realistic estimate. The area of ​​each piece to be painted must be calculated. He recalls the difficulty of working at height, install safe scaffolds without affecting traffic to go “workers” at their workplace every day. “If it takes 30, 45 minutes each time you load the same even if you do not produce,” he says.

The entrepreneur said offer lower prices than the competition, because it minimizes intermediaries. Its team of one hundred employees accomplishes several tasks internally. Generally, contracts for painting, only painters and signalers from outside.

Would it be able to repaint the Quebec Bridge? “Absolutely!” Says Mr. Lachance without hesitation. Would he like to tackle this project? “For sure yes, we are in Quebec City.”

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