A radio drama to break isolation

boily-rita-tremblay-prisThe “intergenerational Radio novel: A chance of sharing,” takes the form of radio spots for a few minutes each illustrating situations of abuse against seniors. “The goal was to raise awareness of abuse against seniors, foster linkages, break isolation,” lists Trycia Belanger, middle of worker and project coordinator.

For eight months, twenty five seniors and young people aged 18 to 20 years, supervised by the interveners, have worked together to implement the project. They took part in each of the stages of creation. A project manager, also in professional theater, offered improvisation workshops and installation of voice. Participants also took the time to get to know by sharing meals.

“They themselves decided the subject of each capsule which reflects the experiences that older people have reported to us. The physical, psychological and financial abuse is particularly addressed, “says Bélanger Trycia. “After each capsule, we give the coordinates of seniors abuse help center,” she points out.

A narrator was hired to present the capsules like a radio drama. The project has benefited from a federal grant through the New Horizons for Seniors Program.

Rita Tremblay, resident of the home of a New Momentum has invested in the project, such as actress. The septuagenarian has greatly enjoyed his experience. “It’s big abuse and we need to talk,” said the lady. “The workshops have allowed us to let go and discover that we have associations that are there to help us, day and night.”

For her, the radio drama was also the opportunity to see young people otherwise.

“Contrary to what we often hear, the project allows us to see that not all young people who are unruly. If we live today, it is thanks to our parents and our grandparents, but also our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It is they who give us the taste to continue living. Beautiful young as we have here is extraordinary. ”

Alexandre Boily, 19, belongs to the group of young people who took part in the project.

“I have often heard the radio novels. I wanted to experience, see how we were going to produce. Seniors have a lot of experience, they make us enjoy. I learned a lot about their reality. ”

The young man also admits that the project allowed him to awareness. “It helped me realize that I should call more often my grandmother. Seniors, this is our gold mine. It needs to be addressed. ”

A disk containing the radio-novel will be included in a portfolio on abuse that will be distributed in seniors’ residences and community organizations.

The capsules will also be presented on the air CKAJ. A TV project could also emerge.

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