A sex offender registry on Facebook

14-000-personnes-membres(Quebec) Activist in vain for eleven years for the sex offender registry to be made public, a woman from Quebec decided to take matters in hand there five years and create its own register on the Facebook social network by using newspaper archives and legal documents passed to it by victims.

Sophie Dupont created her Facebook page after a child of his entourage had been the victim of an aggressor.

Sophie Dupont, who launched his crusade after a child of his entourage had been the victim of an aggressor whose family did not know the history, today more than 14 000 members to his page “public sex offender registry in Quebec “it updates with coadministratrice Annick Pouliot.

To date, there lists 225 people accused or convicted of sexual crimes on minors with newspaper articles and supporting photographs. In addition to following the news, Ms. Dupont also collects articles published before the birth of his page.

“I get twenty denunciations week, but it is only I who make publications on the page because I check everything and I make sure that everything is true, it is not hearsay. Once the preliminary investigation the accused is made, I publish, “says one who works as a legal secretary and therefore has knowledge in legal matters.

“I know that I can not publish the name of the accused when the victim is a close relative so as not to identify the victim. Also, when a person is acquitted, I withdraw the articles and photos on my site. So far, it only happened once, however, “said Ms. Smith.

She also admits to not publish everything. “For example, when it comes to actions in the context of a relationship and the victim is 17 years old, I’m more cautious and I’m still waiting that the accused receives his sentence. I know the head that I had 16, 17 years and we are more aware of the things that age. ”

The woman swears to have never been accused of anything or threatened with prosecution because of his activities. “I’m publications myself, because I want to avoid that one of my members be prosecuted,” says the one that says spend thirty hours a week doing the update and moderation of the page.

Better than a map

Sophie Dupont believes that his initiative is better than some media that publish interactive maps of the places inhabited by those convicted of sex crimes.

“I never give addresses of the accused, I mentioned that the district or sometimes the street. Otherwise, it can trigger witch hunts where everyone starts to suspect everyone in a given sector. I prefer to publish the photo. That way, we really know who he is. ”

It recalls the same breath the actions of the Scotian Stephen Marshall, who had murdered two Americans after finding their addresses in the register of sex offenders in the state of Maine. “I do not do it in a revengeful purpose but for the sake of prevention. And I’ve never heard that one of my members attacked a pedophile, “says the mother.

By cons, Ms. Dupont ensures that many people thanked her because they had learned from his page that one of their neighbors or their relatives had a history of sex crimes against minors. “These parents can now tell their children to avoid these people, who are often repeat offenders who are too often like wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

New load this fall
After seeing his petition of 62,500 names calling for the released the sex offender registry in Quebec remain a dead letter, Sophie Dupont return to load this fall by filing the same request to the new Canadian government that will take office after the election of 19 October.

“Although I have created myself a register, but it would be so complete and so much better if it was the government that took care rather than a simple citizen!” Launches the mother, who would have liked Quebec imitates Alberta and Manitoba, two provinces that have their own sex offender registry and made it public.

In 2007 the Minister of Justice and Public Security of Quebec, Jacques Dupuis, had rejected this possibility on the grounds that in the US people had murdered aggressors from information taken from the public register.

An eye for an eye

“Is this what we want in Canada, encourage the” eye for eye, tooth for tooth “? I do not pay evil intentions to anyone, but this is the great danger. The risks that people decide to take justice themselves are very large, “he declared at the time.

Sophie Dupont is preparing to make the same request to the Canadian government, who prepared on his Facebook page a letter to be sent to the future prime minister and two future ministers demanding the publication of the register, but also other changes to the law.

“We would of course tougher sentences for those convicted of sex crimes against minors because of minimum sentences

45 days are not enough. It should also abolish the limitation period for all types of sexual crimes whose victims are minors. For example, a dismissal is pronounced when a man masturbates in front of a child and the child did not denounce the aggressor in the six months after the crime, “she says.

So far, more than 700 people supported the letter on the Facebook page of Ms. Dupont, to be sent to Ottawa on September 20.

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