A sound and light show called Hangar Xperience

miss-sheltonTo give an idea of ​​the magnitude that the event will Hangar Xperience, technical director of the Old Theatre of La Baie, Felix Perron, already planchait about installing some equipment, on Tuesday. He was preparing the arrival of six DJs who, for six hours, saturate with light and sound electro music lovers.

On 8 April from 21h, the show will take place. Two DJs in the region associated or Blaas DJ and DJ Khad. They will be meshed with Miss Shelton, Fred McLovin, Scales And Mercy and Danick B, familiar names on the Montreal scene.

“We expect 700 people and already the three quarters of tickets sold (to procure, we visit the Facebook page of Hangar Xperience phone or on the Old Theatre, number 544-3166). There are even people of Haut-du-Lac that are coming by bus, “says the technical director of the baieriveraine room, Felix Perron.

There was concern that the relocation detrimental to the success of the event, since originally it was to be presented at the Hangar of the port area of ​​Chicoutimi. A docking problem with the management of the site has led the move to the Bay, a decision that fans have accepted without opposition.

“This big party is organized by Montreal promoters who wished to present in a region similar show those they used to offer home. If it works, they could come back every year, perhaps even three years “suggests Félix Perron.

Powerful equipment

For the baieriveraine stopover even more memorable, the DJ’s who will parade on stage will be supported by powerful tools. Images will be displayed on LED screens, while robotic spotlights accentuate the effect generated by the lighting system with a capacity of up to 100 000 watts.

“We never met so many equipment for this kind of event. It will be a sound and light not to be missed, “anticipates Félix Perron, who said that the Old Theatre inherited the old sound system of the Pyramid site.

Of course, this will be the perfect opportunity to dance, explaining that the tables and chairs will be removed from the room, including the mezzanine. The target audience is between 18 and 30 years (Access Restricted), but many people in their forties have expressed interest in Hangar Xperience.

“It will not be a rave, however, notes Felix Perron. There will be 20 security officers because we want everything well. Password “In the same spirit, shuttles will be available between 21h and 3h. They will depart from Jonquière and Square shopping center of the Kingdom, in Chicoutimi.

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