A statue vandalized before the church Ste-Bibiane of Richmond

cours-pour-apprehender-ceuxThe statue of the Sacred Heart belonging to the Sainte-Bibiane of Richmond church was heavily vandalized. The iron monument erected on a concrete base was thrown to the ground, shattering into pieces under the impact of his fall.

“At 9 h 15, Tuesday morning, I received a message from the secretary of the parish, saying that the statue fell,” said Claude Morin, vice president of the Sainte-Bibiane parish, which is therefore visited the site to inspect the damage.

“The statue was to have 20 to 25 feet high, described Mr. Morin. There were two large metal poles on each side and streetlights to shine. All that was pushed to the ground. ”

The vice president of the parish is difficult to explain how the perpetrators were able to go about damage of the sort so imposing structure.

“This statue was then built in the years 1925-1930, he said. She saw nearly a hundred years of winds and storms: it was very solid. To push down, you had to have machinery. We thought [the looters] had perhaps a tractor or something like that, but we looked good and there was absolutely no trace of tires or anything. Even the police were a bit annoyed. ”

The Surete du Quebec has opened an investigation to try to shed light on this event, but police have no information directing them to a track currently.

“I went to meet three families in the neighborhood, but no one was aware of what happened, says Morin. The police told us to listen to what is happening in the parish and talk often, in case someone would escape. ”

A great loss to the parish

Claude Morin is deeply saddened by the loss of the statue, which he estimates the value at nearly $ 100,000. “There is nothing salvageable, he says. It’s a shame, it was a real nice piece. ”

Assuming that the guilty would harm the young, Mr. Morin encourages them to invest in more honorable activities. “We know that today’s youth are not looking bad, he said. But we would like it that young people come to us to church or they go in parish organizations: one could find them something to do that would be much more profitable than doing damage like that! ”

The night of the incident, graffiti have been painted at Veterans Park, near the iron bridge and statues were also ransacked it. “It is not impossible that the two vandalized sites are connected to the same individuals,” says Amélie Guindon, spokesman for the SQ in Estrie.

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