A strike without strikers to the cross-Quebec Levis

gare-fluviale-quebec-deserte-mardi(Quebec) Rarely does one have seen the river station of Quebec as deserted this morning due to the general strike of engineer officers and navigation through it. So deserted that there is no strike on the picket line.

We can only make a match between the absence of strikers, they were just two or three and the doubts raised by a member of the Steelworkers, the mechanic veteran Bruno Dufour, the union process that led to the strike.

The Sun reported this morning that said never to have been specifically called for a strike vote. So many unionized learned only last week that they might stumble on a picket line today. Mr. Dufour goes on to say that only seven or eight of the 150 members throughout Quebec voted in assembly.

The USW representative Gordon Ringuette, categorically refutes the allegations. “It’s always the same case. These people do not go to meetings. And when the meetings take decisions, worse when it does not suit them, they met again by back worse y’appelle the world as you people [journalists] to cry, to criticize. It’s called dissidents. It has all the time been. They do not participate and they allow themselves to criticize. ”

At the same time, Mr. Ringuette says that there is no quorum in the statutes and regulations of the Steelworkers. “A quorum is present at the world assembly. There is none because it can lead to crazy situations and paralyze the decisions. ”

However, the union representative can not justify the absence of members – they are between 30 and 40 to the cross-Québec Lévis – on the picket line. “I can not give you an explanation. There were instructions to be present. What is there is no one here? I could not tell you. ”

The crosses Québec-Lévis is paralyé such as Sorel-Saint-Ignace-de-Loyola. Service to Isle-aux-Coudres-Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive sleepers, Matane-Baie-Comeau-Godbout and Tadoussac-Baie-Sainte-Catherine is kept to a minimum, in terms of essential services negotiated by the parties management and labor and accepted Thursday by the Labour Relations Board (LRB).

Officers allege that the employer filing of a “pseudo final global offer” without actually negotiated.

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