A suspicious package forces evacuation at CFB Bagotville

1089270CFB Bagotville in Saguenay, was temporarily on high alert on Monday afternoon, after being informed of the presence of a suspicious package, which ultimately proved harmless.

The package in question had been found in one of the base buildings, shortly after 14:00, according to Captain Marie-France Poulin, public affairs officer for the Canadian Forces Base Bagotville.

Captain Poulin said the building is one where offices are located, work spaces and a clothing store for the military.

The military police ordered the evacuation of the premises; 70 to 90 people had to leave their workspace time that a team of experts in handling explosives inspects the package, which was ultimately not dangerous.

Ms. Poulin declined to provide further details as to the nature of the suspicious package, an investigation still ongoing. She says that normal activities resumed at the base to 16 h.

The incident also led to closure of the road 170, which was finally reopened in the late afternoon.

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