A technological school year …

(Quebec) In recent years, the school year is a very technological fall. Computers and tablets are part of the universe of high school students as university students.
Moreover, device manufacturers offer discount just before school on several products. And most have new models of laptops, tablets, phones or music players

The tablet Surface Microsoft Pro 3, from $ 1,000 to $ 2,400

But there are no computers, there are also many interesting gadgets to furnish the cégépien the room or apartment roommates students, either headsets, Bluetooth speakers, cameras or routers. All this without forgetting a few small appliances “from the toaster oven to small through the microwave and small refrigerator.”

“This year, we sell the most are tablets and laptops,” says Martin Godon, Best Buy store manager of Laurier Québec. And tablets are not just for college students, high school students want too, since the classes quickly adapt to the world of technology.

Lenovo Yoga Model

Among the new Mr. Godon holds in his hands the last of Lenovo laptops, Yoga model with M processor from Intel which only eight nanometers thick yet powerful. It requires little energy so that a full charge can provide eight hours of battery life. Since it uses less power, this improves the service life of the battery, supports Mr. Godon.

“It weighs just over two pounds [1.1 kg], and the screen folds down to transform it into a tablet with 11.6-inch touch screen. Closed, it makes a half-inch thick, “continues Mr. Godon. “This is one of the lightest on the market. It will be easy to carry and use for work at the library or with a work crew outside the classroom. “This cell type” ultrabook “sells in the $ 900.

HP and Asus also offers light notebooks in comparable price ranges, but when comparing the characteristics, it is interesting to compare the battery life, the tablet and the weight option when you want a lightweight and powerful. There is also the Apple MacBook Air are among the products of the featherweight division.

Tablet Surface Pro 3

It is also possible to choose a tablet as Surface Pro 3 Microsoft. Unlike Android tablets and even to that of Apple, the area has a complete operating system.

Another advantage: you can use USB devices and add storage capacity with an external drive or a Micro SD memory card to be used without external device.

It is the most expensive tablet on the market, because it is in fact a computer disguised as a tablet. It sells between $ 1,000 and $ 2,400 depending on the type of processor and memory configuration. The keyboard that doubles as a suitable protective cover sells for $ 160, but the user can take any Bluetooth Keyboard cheaper, or from $ 40.

The accessories of the connected student
To work with the tablet or mobile in an environment where one wants all his concentration, Mr. Godon proposes a model of headphones with noise canceling Bose. “When you use it, he says, we will see lips move our speakers, but you hear nothing. This is perfect for the concentration. “The QC25 model is $ 330, but for Mr. Godon, the buyer will have them for very long.

Sony also makes headphones with noise insulation for less than $ 200. Other models of other manufacturers also offer sound environments assuring the discretion as to noise for under $ 100. It will choose the model that suits its means and whether these headphones are wireless with Bluetooth technology for use with a music player, tablet or computer. Mr. Godon stresses that Beats models are also popular among users in their twenties.


In the room at the university or in the apartment, he advises using Bluetooth powered speakers that surely will sound better than the tablet or laptop and an interesting atmosphere without breaking the tranquility of the neighborhood. “The small model HMDX Jam is very interesting for students to the apartment or the cottage, says Godon. They are small, lightweight and easily transportable. It is recharged using a USB plug for a range of four to six hours. ”

At $ 40, it’s not a break in a budget. One can find different models with prices climbing to $ 200 as Sonos or Bose, or $ 250 for Marley, or even more expensive in terms of finances and needs of superior sound quality.


And since there are more and more connected objects in the apartment, it is better to think of a good router dual band to avoid overloading the wireless network. Older routers five or six years are not adapted to current needs, says Mr. Godon. Similarly, it is better to buy a more expensive router that discounts devices, question quality and signal components. Prices range between $ 50 and $ 200.

Small side note: how to configure the router with strong directors of passwords. All devices of the same company have the same address connection almost. Hackers know this and exploit this weakness of username: admin and password admin. Choose a simple password to remember, but long in the genre: Jedetestelebrocolicuit! It will take at least 100 years to decipher, according to security experts.

Certainly, safety is priceless, take measures accordingly. On PC with Windows and Apple Mac even with the discovery of recent security vulnerabilities, antivirus software will not be useless. For $ 40, there is what is on the shelves of shops and the Web.

Shopping and headache
Certainly, the school year happens as before. The bag is not filled paper. Parents and students have some headaches.

According to a recent survey for Intel, the largest processor manufacturer in the world, half of the students entering post-secondary studies seek a new digital friend, while more than half of parents seeking advice to see clearly among all technological options. The new computer is an essential tool at the top of the list of purchases in Canada and the United States.

According to the survey data, almost half (45%) of students who pursue postsecondary education think they will rely more on technology for their work and their family and friends.

The parents’ side, 89% of respondents are looking for advice and information to buy the best computer for the autumn. This is the case also for students.

Technology is ubiquitous, but it does not mean that consumers always know where to turn. We must establish its needs, shop around, ask lots of questions and compare to find the product that will offer the best value for money.

The pictures on paper the same size as a credit card and can fit in the portfolio.

A small jump in the past
For nostalgic Polaroid, and for the young people who have not experienced the analog photography, Fujifilm offers a leap in time with its Instax mini camera 8. The Sun has been able to try the device in the last days.

It is still amazing to hear the mechanical noise of the paper that comes out after the shutter release. It surprises children who have never seen it, accustomed from birth to digital photos that can be seen on the phone.

This time, it takes two or three minutes to see the ghost prove and make the features of a human.

This is a big gimmick that has no digital memory and gives images on a sheet of the same size as a credit card with a white border. Fun, but do not expect masterpieces, only souvenir that can slide in the wallet to show friends.

The settings are minimalist: shade, sun, sunny, and inside or long shot. Flash fires if needed. The colors may look pale if the setting is not perfect. It’s good for a close up, a face or a flower, but on an overall plan, all the details are tiny.

It’s a gimmick to have fun, but usage can be costly in terms of photo paper. Each picture has a cost price of $ 1.30, excluding depreciation of the unit. Amusing, yes. Practical, not sure!

The unit is worth $ 100 and the package 10 photos sells $ 13.

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