A trafficker of fentanyl scoop of three years in prison

fentanyl-opioide-40-fois-plus(Quebec) fentanyl, drug, chemical, ultra-powerful, has killed three people overdose in Quebec since the beginning of the summer. One of the first traffickers were arrested in the Old Capital has been punished with a sentence of three years in prison.

Henri Vallerand, a recidivist, 60 aces, pleaded guilty Monday to have the traffic, between early may and late June, the “small blue”, a tablet sold as oxycodone, which is marked with the inscription A-215.

Undercover agents have bought twice from Vallerand small amounts of fentanyl. They have also followed in its supplier, in a housing of the boulevard Charest est, and were able to take possession of 265 tablets.

The supplier, Jean-Louis Simard, 65, has also been accused of traffic. His case returns to the court Friday.

In the eyes of the Crown prosecutor Jean-Simon Larouche, it is absolutely necessary to launch a deterrent message to all those who sell the drug 40 times more potent than morphine. A too high dose of fentanyl can plunge consumers into a respiratory distress.

The judge Rémi Bouchard has accepted the suggestion of sentence parts, or 36 months of detention, where it is necessary to deduct the temporary detention of two months.

In total, the directorate of public health of Quebec has recorded 11 cases of overdoses on fentanyl this summer, including three deaths. According to specialists, this opiate inexpensive is all the more dangerous that consumers are often unaware of what they inject.

According to a report by the canadian Centre on substance abuse, 655 Canadians died after the consumption of fentanyl, since 2009.

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