A tribute stealthily

clement-pris-quelques-minutesThere was more music than words and basically it is what Jacques Clement wished. As we turn the page on 37 years of commitment to his adopted region, the founding leader of the Orchestre symphonique du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean would not have wanted his people overshadows interpreters and its dear composers.

So stealthily, before a nice crowd gathered Tuesday evening at the Théâtre National Bank of Chicoutimi, which has deployed the tribute to recently arrived retired. We took advantage of last Tuesdays concerts of the season to discuss the major contribution must, by Jacques Clement in the cultural life of this region.

During the ceremony hosted by Paule Therrien, discussed the beginnings of the band, necessarily modest, the creation of the Alcan Quartet, the Symphonic Choir and Youth Orchestra. Many also recalled how, at arms length, and with many supports, the maestro sought to democratize access to music.

The picture that emerged was that of a human patient, tenacious, that nothing could distract from the objective it set itself. The image was used extensively, but who cares. It is powered by a quiet strength that this man will be invested in a cause greater than himself, a cause that was – and remains – the source of so many wonders.

Only at the very end of the tribute that has emerged on the scene, the time to receive the gift of the orchestra, a sculpture by Jean-Marie Laberge representing a goose in flight. Again, elegance, sobriety and a shape to which spontaneously associates the new owner of the work.

“Not knowing what was coming, I did not prepare anything,” he told Jacques Clement. So he let him speak his heart and it was just as well. “I loved all the years here and I have loved you. I will miss you. Thank you very much, “said Jacques Clément before returning to his seat under a volley of applause.

A charming trio

The first part of the concert were enjoying the talent of pianist Marie-Martine Bollmann solo. Making polite to friends of the Alcan Quartet who visited Bordeaux in January, it opened the program with Arabesque no. 1, a Claude Debussy’s early work.

The familiar, if well made, may have made Jacques Clement smile, it will be remembered, had insisted that make the acquisition of a concert piano worthy of the name. His wish was fulfilled through Diffusion Saguenay and again yesterday, we could see how it is a wise investment.

The charm was again operated on the same isle Joyful Debussy, music by bushy tips or torrential, but fascinating throughout. Same with water games Ravel, where a filtered rest of melancholy. Well received by the public, solo flight was followed by the String Quartet in A minor by Brahms, a title given by the Alcan Quartet.

There was much to hear very soft passages, enhanced by the pizzicato performed by cellist David Ellis, others almost violent, at least washed away and a nice moment where music has become as diaphanous that a sheet that would have spent more time on the ground hooked to a branch.

It was already eloquent, but there was the piece de resistance, the Quintet for piano and strings by Schumann. It seemed very short, this journey into the inner world of a composer who had no easy happiness. Jacques Clement praised the work of interpreters joining them briefly on stage, a welcome return.

As a reminder, the public was treated to an excerpt of the Quintet for piano and strings by Dvorak, more specifically part of the third movement. We could have beat this playful first air and silky like a summer evening in Prague, to top this concert shared between joy and nostalgia.

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