A union judge about Coiteux “insulting and deceptive”

pourparlers-tables-negociation-constructifs-declareWhile negotiations between Quebec and the public service unions are in a “dead end,” an optimistic statement by President of the Treasury Board on the progress of discussions was off its hinges Thursday Union of Professional and Quebec government professionals (SPGQ).

“The talks at the bargaining table are constructive,” said Martin Coiteux Tuesday, at the exit of the Cabinet. It was enough to anger SPGQ, who described the remarks as “offensive and misleading”, Thursday in a press release. “It makes you wonder if Mr. Coiteux is aware of what is really happening at the negotiating table [of the] Public Service SPGQ if he really gets the correct time from its negotiators. If the talks were really constructive, SPGQ could argue that the employer been open in our meetings to advance the situation, “said President Richard Perron union.

Although negotiations are deadlocked and the unions gradually give strike mandate, Martin Coiteux remains unwavering. “What unions cross the steps necessary to eventually, if necessary, from their point of view, applying a strike mandate. These steps are always crossed in each negotiation, “said he said Tuesday at a press scrum, adding that the use of a special law was not a” hypothesis “.

SPGQ deplores the “bad faith” the government takes “not seriously” the unions since the start of the negotiations. “We want to advance discussions at the bargaining table, but the employer remains unyielding, vigorously camped on its austerity ideology and reduction of services to the population, without regard for its professional employees. Promise a reduction in the tax burden may seem appealing to some, but Quebeckers know very well that everything will be to the detriment of public services, so on the backs of the middle class and the less fortunate, “stated Richard Perron.

The President of the Treasury Board said Tuesday that an agreement with the unions was to be based on the “financial capacity of Quebecers” and need to “balance the budget” for the ability to reduce the tax burden of Quebecers .

A gulf separates the two Camps. The unions representing about 400,000 public service employees require 13.5% increase over three years. Quebec puts on the table a wage increase of 3% in five years and a decline of two years of age to normal retirement.

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