A witness described the horror of the homes of Remy Bernier

perquisitions-eu-lieu-mardi-deux(Quebec) After a five-month investigation, the SQ unveils the neglect and abuse that would have existed in two retirement homes and intellectual disabilities Charlevoix. Four people will be charged Wednesday. Exclusively, a witness said.

An employee of the university integrated health and social services center (CIUSS) Capitale-Nationale went several times a week in residence for infirm owned by Rémy Bernier maintains that she and her colleagues have repeatedly decried what was happening, without the direction of Baie-Saint-Paul Hospital will do anything.

Monique (fictitious name) agreed to deliver comments to the Sun, on the condition that his anonymity is preserved. “When we went there, lunches and snacks were not adequate. Smelly. Nobody would have eaten, “she says.

“There are some customers who had brands,” she says. Monique said to have mentioned many times what she saw as neglect or even abuse their immediate superiors. “There was more to meet our bosses and talk about it and the bosses were not acting […] The hospital closed his eyes,” she complains.

“Customers were dirty, not dressed properly.” For example, she has noticed that a patient wearing the clothes of another, or clothes too small, not suitable for the season.

The employee of CIUSSS says Rémy Bernier often hired people from outside and there was a big turnover. For example, for a residence of nine, he committed two employees. Everyone was working round the clock, seven days in a row, before handing over to his colleague. “Not human” conditions, she said. “When a resident is not sleeping at night, you have someone to help you the next day,” she illustrates.

Rémy Bernier had a retirement home in Baie-Saint-Paul, as well as three residences for infirm: two in Baie-Saint-Paul and Saint-Urbain. It is these three last places that Monique was called to work, and it believes customers living conditions were “pretty similar everywhere.”

For money?

Monique maintains that it was “well known in the region,” Remy Bernier opened this type of residences for “money”.

She said Rémy Bernier was inclined to take the most serious cases, these people why Baie-Saint-Paul in the hospital was struggling to find a home. “As he took them all, it regulated the hospital’s problem,” she believes.

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