A year of Estrie CIUSSS: APTS paints a grim picture

1168996Regional Alliance team of professional and technical staff of the Health and Social Services (APTS) paints a grim picture of the formation a year ago of a single mega establishment or the integrated University Health Centre and social services (CIUSSS) Estrie – CHUS.

Hiring freeze, loss of 298 equivalent full-time positions from the administrative reorganization only attempt to move people employed without consideration for the still valid collective agreements, union lists.

“This merger, with the prospects of transfers and movements it causes, creates a lot of anxiety among care teams, says Emmanuel Breton, regional spokesman of the APTS.

“Management manages this enormous institution – coexisting several separate collective agreements – in wanting to employ staff as it sees fit. Now working in Granby or Mégantic, it’s not the same. ”

Under these conditions, the union worried about the next clinical stage of reorganization, which makes them fear the worst.

One year after the entry into force of the reform, the budget for training and development of employees is still not available although the national collective agreement provides that the money be made available for employees to maintain of the quality of services.

He recalled a year ago, more than 14 institutions and 110 points of services were amalgamated in the region of Eastern Townships.

The CIUSSS Estrie – CHUS has 17,000 employees and a budget of more than $ 1.1 billion. It covers youth missions, Home Care, Mental Health, Rehabilitation Centre, both physical, outbuildings and in terms of intellectual disability.

The CIUSSS-CHUS Announces New $ 30 million in cuts for 2016 to 2017 by taking up the minister’s speech Barrette that all services will be maintained despite the recurrent budget cuts, it is added.

“Now the waiting lists are getting longer, up to several months, for example, to get mental health services. “We’re not talking about a visit to the garage to change the tires, but health care for people in distress !! “Growls Emmanuel Breton.

The Union deplores the increasing bureaucracy, the pressure on the staff to provide care more quickly, without regard to the time required for patients to provide quality service.

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