A young unarmed black killed by police in Texas

police-affirme-christian-taylor-resisteThe Arlington Police, Texas, asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to participate in the investigation into the death of an unarmed young Black killed by a white police officer.

Christian Taylor, 19, was killed early Friday in the Dallas suburb after dark with his car in the window of a car dealership.

The young man was in the second year of university in San Angelo and was part of the establishment of the football team.

At a press conference Saturday evening, the head of the Arlington police, Will Johnson, announced that a special agent of the FBI office in Dallas participate in the inquiry. He stressed that this decision did not mean that he did not trust his agents to investigate.

Around 1 am Friday, police responded to a burglary call in Arlington when they discovered that someone had rammed a vehicle into the window of a Classic Buick GMC dealer. The police approached the suspect, who resisted. At some point during the fight, an agent fired at Christian Taylor.

The officer Brad Miller, 49. It serves the Arlington Police Department since September and worked under the supervision of a training officer. This was his first police experience.

He was placed on administrative leave in accordance with the procedure provided in such cases.

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