“Abrupt end” awareness program to blue-green algae

1161833The final budget Leitao has “an abrupt end” awareness program to blue-green algae developed in different watersheds of Quebec, including the St. Francis River, denounced the Governance Council the water catchment of the river St. Francis (COGESAF).

Taking advantage of the World Water Day which was held on Wednesday, COGESAF was disappointed and concerned about the cancellation of credit of $ 770,000.

The program Blue-Green Operation allowed 40 watershed organizations of Quebec (OBV) awareness actions to implement in the fight against blue-green algae and to fight against premature aging of lakes for nine years.

According COFESAF, the impact of the abolition will lead this year with a financial loss of $ 39,785 for the watershed of the St. Francis River.

These cuts will ensure that the work teams will be reduced in certain organisms. “Employees who remain in employment will be even more overloaded and will not be able to mobilize partners to realize promising projects that ensure the sustainability of water resources and well-being of communities,” warned the organization in a statement.

COGESAF includes not only the public, private and community watershed of the St. Francis River, but the Connecticut River, in order to develop an integrated water management by watershed.

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