Abuse: the investigation of the Baptist pastor bounces in the National Assembly

ministre-famille-francine-charbonneau(Quebec) ongoing investigation into a Baptist minister from Quebec who have abused for years two young people in his basement, was echoed in the National Assembly. The Family Minister confirms have required an inspection of the daycare that is on the ground floor of the residence.

The PQ member Agnes Maltais intervened in the Room, Thursday morning in question period. “An investigation is underway on the two young, but nothing can be done, we are told, to prevent other children attend the daycare, and perhaps also other children in the future. The spokesman DPJ [Director of Youth Protection] and the Ministry of the Family say they do not have the power to shut up. All they can do is recommend to parents not to send their children. It does not make sense. If them, the DPJ and the Ministry of Family, does not have the power to protect children, who? “Asks the deputy leader.

“This is a daycare that is not recognized, right, which is not legal within the addresses we have,” confirmed Minister of Family, Francine Charbonneau. There has never been a complaint, unfortunately, that was made there, so we could not know that there was an illegal daycare.

“This morning, we asked an inspection there, she adds. When we discover a place like this, everything is done to the extent the Ministry to see how it goes where it goes and what we can do to ensure the healthy appearance and safe children there. ”

The Minister admits that there are limits to his ministry’s power to intervene. “The current rules ensure a daycare where there are fewer than six children can practice, since it can be a grandmother guard, it can be a private house, a neighbor. Bottom of six, no permits are issued. Therefore, an investigator will go to the address and will ensure that parents will be informed of how it happens and what to do. Because, for our part, we must not leave any ballast compared to safe and healthy appearance of children in child care. ”

Ms. Charbonneau could only remind parents to be “vigilant”.

La Presse revealed Wednesday that extreme abuse history. We learned that two minors were placed in foster care at the beginning of the year after spending 6 and 10 years respectively confined to the basement of the pastor of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Quebec East, other local organization denied churches of its kind in Quebec. The judgments in youth protection evoke punches to the stomach, endless exercise sessions without eating and control at all times.

So far, nothing indicates that children who attend daycare have been abused.

Press also learned that the Minister for the Department of Youth Protection, Lucie Charlebois, requested internal audits on the intervention of social services. She was troubled by “the whole record,” informed her publicist.

The Quebec police also opened an investigation. Through his counsel, Pastor suspected block denies the allegations against him.

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