Access to citizenship: the note of $ 630 seems immutable

attachee-presseA bill introduced by the federal government will reduce some barriers for immigrants who aspire to obtain Canadian citizenship. The biggest irritants however likely to remain, seeing representatives of the Popular Education Centre (PEC) in the Eastern Townships who took part in a meeting with the political attache of the Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau Thursday as part filing a petition.

Recall that a petition was launched by students of CEP, a Sherbrooke literacy organization, and representatives of the organization to sensitize the government to the obstacles faced by people who want to become citizens.

Among them, the administrative fee to apply for citizenship, which is now $ 630 per adult.

During our interview, Christine Difuni, learning the CEP, did not see how they manage to save such a sum, she lives on welfare. The petition also stresses that the content of the examination for citizenship, a prerequisite for citizenship, is not suitable for little or no educated clientele.

Congolese origin, Christine Difuni lived 12 years in a refugee camp. The only schooling she received, it is the CEP. The strongest level of learning to the CEP corresponds to sixth grade.

“When you look carefully, there are a number of requests that are being worked with Bill C-6. This bill was precisely to study the Standing Committee of Immigration and Citizenship today (Thursday), “said the Minister of International Development and Francophony, Marie-Claude Bibeau. It must amend the Citizenship Act.

Once the bill passed (which could be done this summer), the length of stay in Canada for the right to apply for citizenship will be reviewed from more than four years to three years.

No examination before age 18

The petitioners complained that minors over 14 years, previously accepted with their parents must attend the examination. The bill will amend this aspect among others; the age of 18 will not have to take the exam.

“It is not intended to review the charges. They were frozen for 20 years rather than have gradually been indexed, “however says Ms. Bibeau. Although she is happy to have been heard, Christine Difuni was disappointed to learn that there is no opening for a revision of tariffs, reported the coordinator of CEP Estrie, Mylène Rioux at After the meeting with the minister attached to Jacqueline Belleau.

“The major irritants, such as costs, there is nothing related to it (note: in the bill),” notes Ms. Rioux. She did not seem optimistic that the government revise the content.

In this regard, Ms. Bibeau reported hearing his colleague Immigration Minister John McCallum said “he was working on the host document”, but could not specify whether the content of the examination would be reviewed. The guide to prepare is available on the Internet, said the minister.

As for the possibility to take the exams in Sherbrooke rather than Montreal, one of the most important demands of the petition, the Compton-Stanstead MP was unable to move forward on this issue.

A new tool developed by the CEP Estrie

The Popular Education Centre (PEC) in the Eastern Townships is launching a new website to support literacy. The launch will take place next week as part of the Week of popular literacy.

The project aims to meet a need. “In literacy, there is not much material suitable for popular education centers,” notes the coordinator of CEP Estrie, Mylène Rioux.

The TV Andre website will help support people who live in rural areas and who need support in various spheres of activity, such as returning to school, forms, food, etc.

TV Andre is described as a “virtual classroom” with exercises and video clips. In each capsule, the character lives André difficulty and his trainer came to his aid.

“It was inspired by what rubs every day,” notes the coordinator, adding that the site has been designed especially according to the subjects that come up in the inquiries. “We had a test group of ten learners who have experienced the capsules. What we aimed is to do a project where people are self-sufficient. ”

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