Accident in Maine: a couple of Beauce found dead a week later

vehicule-percute-arbre-apres-avoir(Quebec) A couple of Saint-Georges de Beauce, left last week to attend a wedding in New Hampshire, was found dead Tuesday in his car along Route 201 in the State of Maine by family members looking for their relatives for seven days.

Dumas Francine Poulin and Martin, Saint-Georges de Beauce

The sad news was reported Tuesday on the news site . The office of sheriff of Somerset County confirmed that Martin Poulin and Francine Dumas, both aged 58, crossed the border post Jackman Tuesday, July 28 at 10:38. They had to go to Hampton Beach in New Hampshire.

Also according to the police, the accident occurred on the same day as the couple did not use any cell phone or credit card after entering the United States. The car, a 2005 Nissan Altima, was found in the ditch along Route 201 in West Forks Plantation 56 kilometers south of the border.

The vehicle hit a tree after leaving the road for a reason that remains unknown. On impact, the tree fell on the cabin, hiding it from view of passing motorists.

Without new, members of the family have initiated research on the day after the disappearance, which was reported to the police. But finally relatives who made the gruesome discovery, early Tuesday morning.

Police are still wondering about the cause of the accident that occurred in a relatively straight section of the road where the speed limit is 90 km / h.

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