Accommodation in Montreal: the PQ asked Quebec to act quickly

pq-demande-gouvernement-provincial-investirA week after the director of Public Health of Montreal had sounded the alarm about the lack of affordable and decent housing in the city, the Parti Québécois demanded on Sunday the government emergency response to end this “acute crisis”.

In its report released last week, Dr. Richard Massé, Director of Public Health of Montreal, found that almost 30% of Montréal households were facing at least one problem of inadequacy in their homes in 2014. In addition, At least 50,000 Montreal families could not eat their fill, because they must spend more than 30% of their income to pay their rent.

The Parti Quebecois, which calls the report “damning”, accused the provincial government of being largely responsible mainly because of cuts to housing accessibility programs.

The member for Hochelaga-Maisonneuve Carole Poirier, who was accompanied by his colleague Jean-François Lisée front of the building under construction of residential Cooperative Small and Large in eastern Montreal, cited the example of the home access program . Since 2014-2015, the construction of 3,000 social and community housing was announced, against 1,500 in 2015-2016.

“The government has decided to cut it in half […] it requires a significant reinvestment,” insisted Ms. Poirier. “We must ensure Montreal 1250 housing units at a cost of 2012.”

The Popular Action Front in urban redevelopment (FRAPRU) who do not participate in the press conference for his part request that the government is committed to building 4,500 homes each year for 5 years.

Catherine Poulin, Press Secretary of the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Land Occupancy Pierre Moreau says that there are currently 6000 dwellings authorized and funded to build, and evokes a delay in constructions (back-log). “Rather than adding another 3,000, we funded other in 1500, and added $ 123 million to fund more rent supplements,” she explains. A total of 5800 housing units over the next five years will be more accessible for households struggling to pay for housing.

Reached by telephone La Presse, the spokesman FRAPRU François Saillant stresses that some programs that could accelerate these constructions were not renewed because of the cuts.

“When you want to kill your dog, you say it has rabies,” he illustrates.

In the last budget Leitao, including Quebec stopped funding the Renovation Québec program, as indeed lamented the MP Carole Poirier. “It has completely eliminated the renovation program that allowed Quebec to renovate housing, it is needed to tackle substandard housing.”

The PQ asked the provincial government to invest $ 8 million in this program. MEPs also criticized the PQ’s the end of the assistance program to rehabilitate contaminated land ClimatSol.

In the report output DSP, Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre for his part, criticized the federal government for its lack of action. Asked about this, the Lisée MP acknowledged that Ottawa also had its share of responsibility for what he calls a “disengagement”.

Ottawa, for his part denies sit idle. “Overall, the government will spend more than $ 2.3 billion annually over the next four years to ensure that Canadians have poor access to affordable housing, healthy and fit,” replied the holder Conservative party spokesman Catherine Loubier.

“Our Conservative government has also invested a billion dollars a year to low-cost loans from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. In addition, the affordable housing agreement was extended last July by the Conservative minister Denis Lebel and allows the Government of Quebec to establish its priorities throughout the territory. ”

The mayor also demands more powers. The City wants to enter such substandard buildings. The government says opened to discuss the question of the powers in the Bill to recognize its metropolitan status is planned for 2016.

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