Accurso ready to pass the polygraph test if it also submits Duchesneau

tony-accurso-affirme-commission-charbonneauTony Accurso is ready to submit to a polygraph test to prove he did not lie before the Charbonneau Commission stating in his testimony he did a check for $ 250,000 to pay off debt Jacques electoral party Duchesneau, provided that the latter also submit it.

“We are facing a credibility conflict, says a white, the other black said. The solution is to submit both a lie detector test, “said Mr. Louis Belleau, lawyer Tony Accurso in an interview with La Presse yesterday.

“I have no comment, I find it indecent,” replied his part Jacques Duchesneau, during a brief interview.

In its final report released Tuesday, the Charbonneau Commission (CEIC) writes that she does not believe that the former King of the construction was telling the truth when he claimed to have made the check to help the deceased party to mop Duchesneau its debt, after the defeat of Mr. Duchesneau the municipal elections of 1998.

According to the testimony of Mr. Accurso, the check is passed through a company belonging to the co-director of the campaign for mayor of Mr. Duchesneau, Richard Le Lay. MM. Duchesneau and Le Lay have always denied these allegations.

Documentary Evidence

CEIC points out that the businessman has never fulfilled its commitment before the commissioners to provide any document related to this episode. “There has never provided this documentary evidence and therefore did not support his assertion, which leads us to believe he is not telling the truth on this point,” it said in the report of the CEIC.

Mr. Belleau replied that considerable efforts were made ​​by his client to try to find a trace of the check. Mr. Accurso spent the sum of $ 20,000 to hire accountants and computer technicians, including conducting research in a server of Revenu Québec. He also stressed that banks usually destroy such documents after seven years, and 1000 boxes of documents were seized by various agencies and police forces. “It is not because we do not produce it does not exist,” says Mr. Belleau.

The lawyer considers that the conclusions of the Commission in the place of his client are “unjust”. “During his testimony, Mr. Accurso says something that falls exactly within the mandate of the Commission of Inquiry, and what does it do? It does not investigations. It does not assign Mr. Duchesneau nor Mr. Le Lay to testify. We can not go digging at Mr. Duchesneau or bank. We have no power of the Commission. Why is it that the Commission did nothing to elucidate this mystery? ”

Jacques Duchesneau is a former chief of the Montreal police. In September 2011, he submitted a report to the Ministry of Transport of Quebec on corruption and collusion in the construction industry. “What that tells us that you do not try to get revenge?” Asked Justice Charbonneau Mr. Accurso during his testimony that took place in autumn 2014.

This argument does not hold water, says Mr. Belleau. “Do you think he would have waited four days of testimony to talk about? He answered a question during an interrogation led by the Commission on the facts on which it controls. ”

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