Accused of slicing down a young family, Yves Martin remains incarcerated

1170157The Jacques Trudel judge of the Quebec Court has ruled. Yves Martin, a recidivist drunk driving, will remain detained pending trial at the Chicoutimi courthouse.

Charged with criminal negligence causing death of Mathieu Perron, Vanessa Tremblay-Viger and their son Patrick, 4 years old, Martin is also facing a charge of dangerous driving and driving while impaired as a result of the collision on 1 August 2015 in the St. Paul rank Laterriere, Saguenay. The young mother’s family was also pregnant at the time of the tragedy.

The magistrate was not reassured by the guarantees offered by the defense. The judge said a release would undermine public confidence in the administration of justice. The latter made his decision Thursday morning at the Chicoutimi palace after a survey released that lasted two days.

The accused therefore remain in jail pending his trial. His lawyer had offered including that carries an electronic bracelet he was released. It was also agreed to pay a deposit of $ 100,000 and undergo therapy. But the judge flatly refused.

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