Celine Dion a few secrets

jetais-nerveuse-soir-esperais-gensAfter a show full of emotions, Sunday, the first of his series of 10 concerts scheduled at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Celine Dion took a moment to meet the press, on the lawn of the amphitheater.

Dressed comfortably a set she herself has described as a “pajamas and slippers”, the singer spent about an hour and a half to confide reporters.

“You know everything about me!” She even launched after long answer twenty questions. All? Maybe not, but this is still some of the secrets of the singer, who seemed very happy the show she had just given.

On his current state of mind

“I feel good. The choices I made in the past, I’m very proud. The choice I make now, day by day, I take them fully. I luggage for the rest of my life. Now I do this job because I love it. […] I always felt at the beginning of my career, especially having to prove to the industry, my friends, to my family, to myself that we could do that it could work. Now it’s more than that. I am not obliged to do so. And it is since I am not obliged to do that I want to do. And it is since I am not obliged to do so and I want to do, that I have the happiness to make mistakes. ”

On the first show at the Bell Centre

“Obviously, as every show I do, there’s always a bit of nervousness. I think that when nervousness is gone, it will be worth more in the effort. Is that it is dead, finally, there is nothing that moves you, makes you vibrate. I was nervous. I expected a warm, unpretentious, especially since the last time [I came to Quebec, for the funeral of René Angélil] was in icy weather in the winter when it was very cold and with great unease, an indescribable loss. […] I was nervous tonight and I hoped that people would be hot, but honestly, I still did a lot of shows here in Quebec, and I never would have expected an audience like this tonight. It’s not that I expected less people here, but it was crazy. ”

On the strength that allowed him to cross the tests

“Initially, I come from a strong family, my parents fought very hard, they were doors, they raised 14 children. We never wanted for anything, it’s still the people of Quebec. We’re strong people, people who want to succeed, proud people. Honestly, Rene and I […], it was still 50-50, we always shared ideas, everything. He always told me that we were a team, “fifty-fifty”. I feel that with his departure he gave me his 50 percent. So I became as a whole. He lives and it really gave me a clue to me, an emotional stability. ”

On conflict and hatred pounding worldwide

“I think it must be important for all of us. We all inhabit the Earth, we have children, we have lost people we love. We can not live in fear. I have traveled the world, you probably did too, and I have to say that I hope our corner of the country will remain as beautiful as it is. Is it possible that since my arrival with my children [in Quebec], that I feel safer? Is it because I come from here or do it is because it really is true? We must not live in fear, but it exists. He must be aware. We must pray, we must meditate, you must believe it will get better. ”

About a possible movie in the post-career

“Nothing has been signed yet. We talk for almost ten years now, I think, I want to make films. For sure I will make films. But I think I’ll be better when I’ll be older. I think I see myself, a good old actress. I want to enjoy singing while I am still able to move […] but I feel that when I’ll be older, it will happen to me something, maybe not in the song probably at the cinema. For sure it’s something I want to do. ”

On the last moments of Rene Angelil

“His departure was hard. But honestly, life was good and it went in the best feasible circumstances. It could have been very dramatic, it could have been before the children. He called me, I was in the show that night. René hardly ever call me, especially the last three years. Discomfort to speak, among others. Then he called me at night and said, “I just want to tell you that I love you, I wish you a good show.” I said, “Me too I love you, my love; I see you now, bye. “That was the last time I heard. The man of my life has ceased to suffer, it was hard, but I still thank heaven. ”

On its small pleasures in Quebec

“There is no lawn sweet Vegas such as the one here. Here, the grass is fresh, the ground is wet, there is a freshness, the trees are green. I live in the desert, so I color a little earth. I arrived here, everything is green. It’s coming to get you, to me it’s almost meditation. My family [who live] near my mother who comes to take his tea, my children run … Honestly, when I come here, I take everything I love greasy french fries, real hot dogs “steamés” St-Hubert BBQ, Schwartz, Dic Ann’s, poutine, all these little things that the ordinary air. ”

On his relationship with his son Rene-Charles

“Rene-Charles [knowledge] of incredible music. I listen to really comment. It does not mean he is always right, but I like the communication of teenager with his mother. As he calls me, it leaves me messages, he text me, he comes to see the show, I say, “Ouch, that’s cool, he’s not gone, it is with me. ” When my son, I want to impress. […] Sometimes I say to myself: “I do not know if he finds his cool mother.” It did not feel like asking him: “You me do you find cool?” It did not tempt me to go there, but it comes [to the show], so he must be proud nonetheless. If he was embarrassed, he would not come. ”

On the possibility that it returns to Quebec

“I would avoid the question because Aldo [Giampaolo, his manager] will nose. The future is before us, everything is possible, I want us. Let’s say there are only two days in the year when there is nothing we can do, where we can decide anything: yesterday and tomorrow. So today, anything is possible.

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