In prison for a 1979 crime

1168109The judge Serge Champoux sentenced Gabriel Joyal two years in prison for raping, indecently assaulted and attempted to sodomize a ten year old girl in 1979.

The magistrate took everyone by surprise by making its award in the hour following the representations of the parties. The Crown prosecutor, Magali Bernier, asking that the Drummondville is sentenced to spend the next three years behind bars, while the defense suggested a sentence to be served in the community.

Katia Zazzara argued that his client was a risk of recurrence practically nonexistent given the number of years have elapsed since the gestures. He also mentioned a report that was favorable to him. Joyal is a business owner who is working ten people

In its assessment, the judge did Champoux reported a low risk of recurrence and praised the accused for his irreproachable conduct the last 30 years in similar matters. He nevertheless given the fact that the actions were particularly intrusive and they were committed on the occasion of two separate events.

Champoux The judge also took into account the fact that the accused has denied the charges against him and therefore did not show remorse. He did not apologized to his victim.


In the summer of 1979 Gabriel Joyal, then aged 18, invited his young victim to a motorcycle ride. After a short walk, they head to the farm belonging to Joyal parents and sink on a wooded lot, in private. There, he moves quickly behind her, takes off her sweater down her jeans and then enters it is supported on the bike.

The pain was so intense that she needed three days to recover. Embarrassed, she washed his clothes for his parents are not aware of what had happened and she has told nothing.

Joyal repeated the trick in the fall of that year, this time bringing in her room while her parents were out. This time he tried to sodomize, but did not succeed, it is the unexpected arrival of a third person in the house who put an end to the aggression.

In defense, the accused said he did not remember these events and said “find it strange” that this story make area more than 30 years after the fact.

In addition to being sentenced to jail, Gabriel Joyal must submit a DNA sample and his name will be inscribed in the list of sex offenders.

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