Aggression in Saint-Tite: eight months in prison for Jeremie Roy

jeremie-roy(Trois-Rivieres) Jeremie Roy will have to serve a sentence of eight months imprisonment with probation two years for assaulting Mathieu Grégoire at Festival Western de Saint-Tite and for breach of commitments.

From the outset, Judge Guy Lambert, however, said that the evidence was never made sexual orientation of the victim, Gregory Mathieu, was involved in this event and therefore could not hold it as an aggravating factor . As he retained testimonies and statements, the assault was not premeditated. He considers that the battle was already underway between the two young men even before Matthew Gregory of homosexuality is known to the attacker.

Moreover, the hearings that took place Thursday in Shawinigan courthouse, allowed to learn a little more about what happened that night of 19 September in Saint-Tite.

To the surprise of all, the young boxer Chibougamau has decided to dispose of its records by pleading guilty to an assault of causing bodily harm. Jérémie Roy has indeed admitted hitting him two or three times but only with his fists, not with a bottle of beer.

For him, it was self-defense because it is Mathieu Grégoire who have taken to the throat at the beginning because he did not like his sister he hisses. He claims he was afraid because it was bigger and have reacted impulsively. Moreover, it is not he who would have treated fif but his friend who accompanied him, Jessie Parent.

For cons, the versions of the victim and her sister are different. When they cross Jérémie Roy and Jessie Parent, they state that the tone rose after the whistle. Then Mathieu Grégoire, who had been drinking, have launched Jérémie Roy it was hot in the sense of the beautiful. Informed by his sister that he was homosexual, Jérémie Roy would have said “Ark” and then deal with the “fag” and give Klitschko several blows with a bottle of beer.

Before these conflicting versions, the judge concluded that the evidence was made that Jeremiah Roy had struck employing more than necessary force, as demonstrated by his guilty plea to an assault causing head injuries. Note that there was a stay of proceedings on the chief of army assault.

It took into account the physical injuries inflicted on the victim and the fact that he had been greatly affected on a psychological level. During his testimony, Mathieu Grégoire has indeed talked about his insecurity, his insomnia, stress that he still lives, his difficulties at work and loss of self-esteem. He claims to have even begged her stepfather to make heterosexual as the case had upset its own values.

On the other hand, the judge also took into account the regret expressed by Jérémie Roy. In a letter he read to Mathieu Grégoire, he proclaimed to have nothing against homosexuality. We know that his father is himself homosexual. He acted without thinking and have decided to plead guilty as soon as possible to allow them all to move on. “Be strong. You have your place as all the world, “he told Mathieu Grégoire while saying sorry.

If these regrets were profitable to him, his criminal record for violence and the breakdown of commitments detracted. Lambert JA has warned that his young age, he was at a crossroads and had to admit his problem and adjust aggressiveness.

That is why it requires him to undergo therapy in relation to its issue as part of his probation after eight months in prison. Recall that the Crown prosecutor, Me Laura Elizabeth Trempe, demanded 12 months in prison, while the defense lawyer, Alain Blanchard, asked four to six months.

On leaving the court, Mathieu Gregoire did not hide that he had been destabilized by the excuses of Jérémie Roy. “I saw him as an aggressor. His words are entered into me. Proof that there is not just the villain in everyone. I repeat: I do not blame him, but homophobia, “he said.

On this point, it maintains that this attack is indeed connected to his sexual orientation even if there is no tangible evidence and premeditation. He also maintains that he never took Jeremiah Roy throat. It is nevertheless satisfied with the sentence. Whether he’ll forgive him, he said he did not know yet.

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