Agribusiness: an institute in memory of Jean Garon

jean-garon-dirige-ministere-agriculture(Quebec) While the Quebec agricultural community through a period of severe turbulence, especially in front of the uncertain future of the supply management system, the memory of the former Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Jean Garon, survive thanks to an institute of research and reflection on major agribusiness issues.

The President of the newspaper La Vie Farm, Guy Duval, flagship of the initiative, along with the editor Yannick Patelli, said the institute “neutral and independent from partisan” intends to build the “legacy” the former PQ minister and MP for Lévis, who died in July 2014 at the age of 76.

“We started talking about it in his lifetime. It continued with the members of his family, says Duval, for whom records defended by the disappeared are “still relevant” whether the future of the family farm, the defense of market mechanisms or collective self-sufficiency.

Not to mention the sensitive issue of supply management, subject of intense negotiations within the context of free trade negotiations in the TPP. The first act of the new institute will be also the publication in March of a book on the subject of great concern to dairy, egg and poultry.

Despite the reassuring calls from politicians, the agricultural world fears that the system be abandoned in favor of full market liberalization.

“We feel panic. It’s starting to talk a lot. Supply management is the major danger. The effects could be catastrophic for many farmers, “said Duval, saying nearly half of the approximately 6,000 milk producers in Quebec who could face. “It may devitalize campaigns and regions.”

Thirty stakeholders in the food world, mainly economists and sociologists, will be required to obtain research mandates of the Institute Jean Garon said Mr. Patelli. If the organization is a “popular finance” from producers and individuals, it is not excluded to use government funds or private enterprise.

Agricultural Life, in collaboration with Éditions VLB had co-edited in 2013 the memoirs of Jean Garon, To tell you. The former minister had been a contributor to the newspaper 2010-2014.

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