Air France: nearly a thousand jobs lost in 2016

faute-accord-premier-plan-avecAir France will remove nearly a thousand jobs, mainly through voluntary departures, in 2016, the first part of the company’s restructuring plan is already launched, said Sunday the CEO of Air France-KLM, Alexander Juniac.

“2016 is launched,” and only the second part of 2017, the “Plan B” announced by management on October 5 is still negotiable, explained the boss of the group to the Grand Jury RTL-Le Figaro -LCI.

“If the negotiations [with staff] are successful by the beginning of next year, we can avoid to implement plan B 2017”, he said.

Failing agreement on a first plane with the pilots, the company had submitted to the Central Works Council (CEC) on another level in 2016 and 2017, threatening 2900 jobs.

“2017 concentrates most measures of Plan B,” said Mr. Juniac, noting that the job cuts would be “very limited” next year, for “less than a third of the total.”

Asked about a more accurate figure, he remained very evasive, answering “less than that” when he was asked if there would be “almost 1,000” job cuts.

The figure will be discussed at the next central committee business on Thursday, “and there will be measures of voluntary departures,” he noted.

“The events of October 5th have upset many people […] and emphasized the need to negotiate. Everyone wants to negotiate and reach, “noted the head of Air France-KLM.

Several hundred employees had burst 5 October in the hall of the Central Committee (CEC) of the company in Roissy, dedicated to this restructuring plan. The human resources director Xavier Broseta found himself shirtless, torn shirt and climbing a fence to escape the demonstrators, as his colleague Pierre Plissonnier, HRD long haul.

“It is not the true face of Air France,” said Mr. Juniac. “These acts are the work of a small minority.”

“This is destructive, what we saw. This has affected not only terribly in the image of Air France but to the image of France. Let the whole world assimilates Air France these images is something unimaginable, “he regretted.

“There are 18 disciplinary proceedings,” he has noted about these incidents, noting that the word was now the Disciplinary Board. Layoffs are according to him “one of the possible sanctions, but […] not the only one.”

As for the commercial consequences of such violence whose images have been around the world, “there was very slight reservations reductions on our medium-haul network, but are now reduced, which were due rather to potential risks strike […] but which are not due to the images that we have seen, “noted Alexandre Juniac.

The head of Air France-KLM asked parallel “arms to fight” to the French authorities, Dutch and European, including face competition from Gulf companies, especially loads of relief.

“If we could make 200 million euros of savings on social contributions [in France], it would be nice,” he noted.

“We ask our governments to be cautious in the allocation of traffic rights to companies that are believed to not respect the same rules of competition that we” further indicated Mr. Juniac, while Qatar Airways recently earned slots in the provinces.

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