Aladdin, The Beauty and the Beast, The Queen of Snows … Top 10 Disney songs

disney-heros-heroines-princesses-chansonsThe new Disney, Vaiana The Legend of the End of the World, will be released tomorrow at the cinema. Are we going to discover our new favorite Disney song?
With each Disney release, it’s always the same question: will the songs be as good as in the previous one? No, do not feel guilty, we also think about it every day and we refrain from singing when a simple word reminds us of our favorite Disney. A phenomenon that has grown with the release of La Reine des Neiges and the unavoidable Libéré, Delivered … Vaiana The Legend of the End of the World will be released tomorrow in the dark rooms and we are eager to discover all the songs of this New adventure, but in the meantime we offer you our Top 10 Disney songs. Well, we admit it was difficult to choose the BEST OF THE BEST, so the order is not significant!
The Air of the Wind – Shortly after meeting John Smith, the heroine Pocahontas launches into a magnificent song explaining to this beautiful stranger that the true riches are priceless and that as long as the man will not know respect and Understand nature and “different” people, He will lose. Words that are still current and that always find an echo in today’s society.

This Blue Dream – We change register and we fly to a wonderful world, in heaven, we share this blue dream to … several times! Yes, Jasmine and Aladin on their beautiful carpet flying, we all dreamed and EVERYONE knows this song so much it is impossible to circumvent. We also want this world with a thousand splendours Aladdin, think of us!

Released, Delivered – So we go back to this song we adore and hate at the same time that we discovered in The Queen of Snows. Elsa who runs away and finally accepts the person she is, it’s beautiful and we also in front of our TV we sing as loudly as possible. Well the problem with this song is that it remains stuck in our heads in French, but also in English if not it is not funny.

Eternal History – With the imminent release of the live action La Belle et la Bête, we have of course re-listened to the original soundtrack of the animated film and nothing will carry us more than the first notes of this song. We are eager to discover the new version with cast Emma Watson and Dan Stevens who recently appeared on new photos of the film Beauty and the Beast.

To leave there – “I would like to travel the world, I would like to see the world dance”, THIS SONG IS LIFE. Ariel is one of the most popular heroines at Disney and this song marks an important turning point in the life of the young woman who dreams and love, themes that speak to everyone and humming at least Once a day “Going Out” when a friend annoys us!

It’s Few to Be Happy – This is a philosophy that we should all adopt to make us more happy. Well of course we can not marvel like Baloo as soon as we find a sticky insect in our house, but we can rejoice the sun, the coffee machine that works, our cool buddies!

Like a man – You really could not do this ranking and not include at least one of the songs from the Mulan cartoon. Hard to choose the one that would join the others, but we finally opted for As Man because it is the song that motivates and in addition, it brings together all the characters. And together, they are stronger than the fire of volcanoes!

Never will I confess – “My friends call me Meg, the trouble is that I have no friend” … Ah Megara, what would be the Disney world without you? This strong girl who refuses to confess her love for Hercules, this hero like no other … We all crossed it and this song often comes to mind when we refuse to confess its crush on the person ‘beside !

I would like to be King – All the songs of the Lion King are cults of the History of Life to Love Shine under the Stars by way of Hakuna Matata, but we love very much I Would Already Be a King that marks the rebellion of Simba And a moment of calvary for Zazu that makes us laugh a lot!

Poor souls in perdition – We could not make this ranking without putting at least one villain and better to represent them than Ursula herself the great villain of The Little Mermaid! We hesitated because the villains are really cool and we could have put Scar or Doctor Facilier into The Princess and the Frog, but Ursula still remains one of our favorites and her song is at the Top! What is your favorite Disney song?

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