Alain Perreault beaten to sieve plate shots

alain-perreault(Quebec) Parts of the face of Alain Perreault, accused of murdering Lyne Massicotte, had to be rebuilt after a fellow inmate was beaten to the screen board shots, in May 2014, the maximum security penitentiary Port-Cartier.

Back in Quebec courthouse Monday, Patrick Langlois, 32, admitted that he had violently attacked Alain Perreault in a common room of the federal institution on 26 May 2014, and had then struck a guard Prison who tried to intervene. He pleaded guilty to counts of assault charge of causing harm and common assault against a peace officer.

For the record, Patrick Langlois walked that day in a room where there was also Alain Perreault. Carrying a riddle game, Langlois accidentally dropped his “pinouches” rubber used for the card game.

Mr. Perreault “laughed [then] Sir,” said Adele Juster, lawyer Langlois, trying to explain what prompted his client to commit such acts. Langlois, who has significant mental health problems, did not find funny and threw a severe tantrum.

On a video tape that has not been made public, we see “very clearly” rush to Alain Perreault and hit him in the face with the wooden board game of the screen.

Facial reconstruction

The force of the blows, Perreault suffered multiple facial fractures who “need reconstruction surgery”, especially in the mandible (jaw) and the orbital floor under his eye.

A prison guard tried to control Langlois. But the latter, still in crisis has dealt him a punch in the face. It took six other correctional officers to finally stop. Pending legal proceedings, the detainee was transferred to the detention center of Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines and was placed in confinement 23 hours on 24.

For both crimes committed in Port-Cartier, Patrick Langlois received a sentence of six months’ imprisonment, in addition to the detention he already had on his record. Since 2013 he is serving a sentence of 26 months for assault against a peace officer, an offense that occurred while he was already in custody for other offenses.

The Langlois conflict with the law were already quite complex. No fewer than 83 charges were brought against him for 41 criminal cases since 2001.

As for Alain Perreault, he was at Port-Cartier after being sentenced to 25 years in prison in 2011 for the murder of Lyne Massicotte. He has since obtained a second trial under a decision of the Court of Appeal.

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